calculate power of 2 in c

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Brief Introduction to wince Power Management

The purpose of power management is to save energy. The basic energy-saving method is to make the system sleep in and out at the right time. for example, if you press the on/off button, the timer that monitors user activity times out, or the

C language to determine whether a number is the power of 2 or the power of the 4-square _c language

Quickly determine whether a number is a power of 2, if so, and determine how many times the square!when the power of 2 is written in binary form, it is easy to find a feature: The binary is only a 1, and 1 followed by n 0, so the problem can be

Teach you how to estimate the amount of household PV power

Estimating the Power generation of home PV stations has always been a matter of concern to all. Accurate estimation has different meanings for different roles in the industry. For power plant developers, estimating power plant capacity directly

The correct choice of the power supply 5 major principles

3C Certification Of all the power supply, only one power supply has not passed the 3C certification, of course, you can not buy in the market, because the power supply in our market, must pass the 3C certification, the power is not certified the

[Post] the integer power of the value

From: Question: implement the function Double Power (double base, int exponent) to calculate the power of base's exponent. Overflow is not required. Analysis: this seems simple. Some

MCU low Power Design (ii) practice

MCU Low Power Design (ii) practiceKey Words:MCU low power consumption, stm8l low power consumption, energy saving practice, IAR development environment, ammeter measurement power consumptionIntroduction:Energy consumption is a major problem with

Principle of switching power supply and design of parallel switching power supply for Energy Storage inductance calculation (10)

1-4-3. Calculation of energy storage inductance of the parallel switching power supplySimilar to the numerical method used to calculate the energy-saving inductance in the inverted series switching power supply, the energy storage inductance of the

How can I determine whether a number is a power of 2? If so, how much power is determined?

After the power of 2 is written in binary form, it is easy to find that there is only one 1 in binary, and 1 followed by n 0; therefore, the problem can be converted to determining whether n zeros are followed by 1. If we subtract this number from 1,

Principle and Design of switching power supply)

1-6. Switch Power Supply of excited TransformerThe transient control characteristics of the output voltage of the switch power supply and the load characteristics of the output voltage are relatively good. Therefore, the operation is relatively

Spectrum, energy spectrum, power spectrum, octave spectrum, 1-/3 times-octave spectrum

In the process of acoustic signal processing, we often encounter the following concepts: energy spectrum, power spectrum, octave spectrum,1/3 frequency range spectrum. There are differences and links between these concepts. Some of these concepts

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