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Calculus (calculus)

Calculus learning turning? It's a strange story. In fact, Calculus, like a car, turns slowly. In November 11, 1675, German mathematician Leibniz wrote the points and differential symbols in his notebook: Attention and D. This was the beginning of calculus. He insisted that differential dx is an infinitely small number (infinitesimal), So he developed paradoxing p

On the symbolic calculus in Banach algebra 1. Symbolic calculus in general Banach algebra

Rudin's This "functional analysis" is really not very good to read, in general, because the books in the details of the place is indeed too much, not very good grasp. I look at this book with the purpose of learning operator algebra, so I don't want to fall into the function space, especially the Fourier transformation problem associated with it, soAfter studying the relevant knowledge about the topological and space, the local convex space and the completeness, I studied the last three chapters

"University calculus"-chape5-integral Method-Basic theorem of calculus

The mean value theorem for definite integrals:The definition of the integral itself is simple, but in the teaching process people often remember only its calculation method, in the introduction of the concept of integral, often it is tightly tied to the calculation method, in fact, in the simple definition of integrals, the basic theorem of calculus tells us the calculation method of integral.Basic theorem of calculus:Can see, it is based on such a ba

Basis of discrete calculus (DEC: discrete exterior calculus)

Original article link "If people don't believe in the simplicity of mathematics, they just don't realize the complexity of life ." -- Johnvon norann Dec mainly discusses extra points in discrete situations, which are used in the computer field. We know that it is impossible to use a computer to process geometric images completely smooth (the computer is a discretization world consisting of 0 and 1 ), the concept of Dec also provides us with a better tool to portray discrete ry. For example,

"Calculus" 07-Application of calculus

1. Differential Application 1.1 Differential 1.1.1 monotonicity, extremum and asymptote of unary functionThe derivative gives the direction of the function, which is very useful for the graphical properties of our analytic functions, and here we use the knowledge of calculus to understand the nature of the function. The effect of the first derivative on the function is the most direct one, where first-order derivative is seen. For the constant functio

Exploring the power of calculus in the forest of thorns in Tongji

Document directory 2.1 variables and functions 2.2 functions and Calculus 2.3 limit and Calculus 3.1 micro-Learning 3.2 points 5.1 law of opposites 5.2 examples of corresponding points Now we have started a round of postgraduate mathematics review, using the sixth edition of Tongji higher mathematics. For postgraduate entrance exams, it is a good teaching material, and all the knowledge points a

Introduction to the basics of Infinitely small Calculus

In 1960 Abraham Robinson (1918-1974) solved the three hundred year old problem of giving a rigorous development of the calculus based on infinitesimals. Robinson's achievement was oneThe major mathematical advances of the twentieth century. This is an exposition of Robinson's Infinitesimal calculus at the advanced undergraduate level. It is entirely self-contained but is Keyed to the 2000 digital edition of

"Calculus" 01-The Mathematical Dragon Slayer Knife

When it comes to calculus, everyone is unfamiliar, and people who go to college are basically the ones who have been on it, and countless people are hanging on that tall tree every semester ... Liberal arts students in the "University of Mathematics" in the look of its face, engineering students in the "higher mathematics" and it met, and science students in the "mathematical analysis" see its true colors. But to tell the truth, compared with other ab

Why did Russia devolve calculus to middle school?

It seems to us that calculus is called "decentralization" in secondary school, but in the Russian context it is necessary, not "decentralized", to teach calculus at the secondary level. This is why. Let's get things straight, and we can't just talk. According to the research of the School of Mathematics Science of Beijing Normal University, the course of "algebra and Mathematical Analysis preliminary" in 10

The interpreter and lambda calculus based on text substitution

Recently more idle, intend to tidy up the previous study on the language of the program knowledge. The main content is to design the program language while writing the interpreter to implement it. This knowledge is essentially derived from programming Languages and Lambda calculi and essentials of programming Languages these two books. I remember the high School Olympiad training when the teacher said: "To solve problems must grasp the definition." "As with programming and reconciliation questi

Basic theorem of Calculus

Looking back, in 1908, calculus (also known as "micro-accumulation") was introduced into China. At the beginning, only a few people in China knew about calculus. After liberation, especially after the proposal of "entering science" in 1956, China began to learn about the Soviet Union in an all-round way. At that time, the Soviet scholar fekhincz wrote the "calculus

My views on calculus

J. What does Keisler basic calculus bring to us? What is the significance of the opening of calculus reading room? In a word, calculus is made public and modern. In history, since there is no science or technology, we Chinese have suffered a lot. This is a lesson of history. Open the current domestic Calculus Teaching

Current situation of domestic Calculus Teaching Reform (CR)

Recently, there have been signs of Calculus Teaching Reform ("cr") in China, which deserves our attention. Why? In fact, the "New Wave" of this calculus reform in China is followed by Zhang jinwen (late) and Yuan Meng's "non-standard analysis" trend thirty years ago. Since November 2012, Yuan Meng has successively published more than 200 popular science articles on Infinitely small

relational database tuple relationship Calculus language alpha

Relational calculus: based on predicate calculus in mathematical logicDifferent classification by predicate variable1. Tuple Relationship calculus:Primitive objects with tuple variables as predicate argumentsTuple Relationship Calculus Language alpha2. Domain Relational calculus:Base object with domain variable as predicate argumentDomain Relational

An infinitely small calculus (comeback) for 40 years

In the title of this article, we use the word "restoration", instead of "Resurrection", which is clearly intended, meaning that the infinitely small calculus has restored the glory of the year, I have taken back my crown ". In the past, leveniz invented the "infinitely small" and used it for the analysis and research of the local state of the function. After the computation process was completed, the non-zero infinitely small was abandoned, making peo

Programming Language theory (lambda calculus, functional programming)

1. g9yuanyon's blog: translated a series of lambda calculus articles, which are very popular and part of gossip. There are also a small amount of supplementary information for the original. Http:// markcc 'blog good math bad math: Here there is the original G9 translation article, the next few G9 no translation, but very enlightening Http://

Calculus Teaching and Research Section

In August 18, the opening of the calculus Reading Room (trial run) will arouse the interest of many readers and may arouse the curiosity of some mathematics instructors. To this end, in June 2011, J. Keisler specially wrote the "Basic of Infinitely small calculus" (electronic version) for the mathematics instructors to answer questions and serve as the teaching guide book (material) of "basic

An accurate statement of the fundamental theorem of calculus _ synthesis

In our country, calculus textbooks often say the basic theorem of calculus is "Newton-" Leibniz formula, and the spirit of the theorem is avoided. In essence, the core idea of this important theorem is that the numerical calculation of definite integral can be replaced by the technique of "symbolic integration", which saves a lot of numerical cost. The first part of the theorem proves the existence of the o

When Will calculus be introduced into China?

In August 1, 2010, Mr. Ren delin published a monograph titled "calculus principles and strict theoretical basis" (Science Press ). In the preface of this book, there is a saying: "We all know that calculus was invented by Newton and levenitz. It was about 60 or 70 s in the 17th century. When did calculus come to China? Here we will introduce a document for your r

How is the modernization system of Infinitely small calculus developed?

In the historical period of modern times, the calculus of an infinitely small number is expanded on the super real number * R, and the calculus of the traditional real number system R will gradually fall behind the scenes. Why? Calculus in the traditional real number R is represented by a set of statements. Generally, two expressions containing function symbols a

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