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"Micro Love" video of the unspoken baby, play not bad Chenhe

by Huayi Brothers and the electronic media Film (Beijing) co-produced, Gu Changwei directed the Comedy of Love, "Micro Love Is Getting Better" (hereinafter referred to as "Micro Love"), today released a time of 1.5 "micro love out of the baby, play not Bad Chenhe" video (hereinafter referred to as "Micro Love"), Video Chenhe was Angelababy repeatedly ravaged, forced to make

GitHub spoof tutorial ("Play bad" with your own github)

the developer has already set up.To use a custom template, enter the file path of the template on the previous line, and the method for customizing the template can be found in the description page of the project. If you use a template created by the developer, go directly to the previous line, then select the template below and enter the desired template name (the template name corresponds to the pattern effect as well as the project description page).8. After everything is done, the project w

Analysis of the large-scale professional technology Exchange Group is how to play bad?

one has dozens of test groups)4. Ask a few questions, no one answer, no one bird, the passage of time will not speak, and did not achieve the original intention to answer questions;5. Many students, is to add a group and add a group, so many active communication group, want to join in order to prevent miss any wonderful technical knowledge, or blowing water topic;6. The concentration camp-style management of some groups leads to the inability of members to communicate: such as too simple questi

Analysis of the large-scale professional technology Exchange Group is how to play bad?

publish the sentiment, font color size requirements, constraints too much without the pleasure of exchange discussion; ( this article adopted from Lao Xu Reader: Code8192.forerunner's view )As above, over time, the group has become a small circle of daily gossip blowing water group!--end--Above, several cases, have not been able to resonate?If you want Lao Xu not to know, you are welcome to add Off Topic: Is there a real technology exchange group, can answer questions, technical at

Apple or will play bad business market?

:// Uploads/2015/09/2015-09-0765.jpg "width=" "height=" 289 "style=" height:auto;vertical-align:middle;border:0px; margin:0px auto; "/> In the process of enterprise development, there will always be bottlenecks, this bottleneck is not only the general sense of decline in sales, profits and even losses, and so on, more a feeling of stagnation, this feeling can put employees into anxiety, such as Microsoft rules the PC operating system market, and continue to rule, This ru

Play bad vulnerability: Let the CVE-2014-4113 overflow Win8

Play bad vulnerability: Let the CVE-2014-4113 overflow Win8 1. Introduction In October 14, 2014, Crowdstrike and FireEye published an article describing a new Windows Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability.Articles about CrowdstrikeMing: This new vulnerability was discovered by hurricane panda, a highly advanced attack team. Before that, it had been at least five months before the vulnerability was exploited

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