can fitbit sync with iphone

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How to sync the iphone with itunes and iphone

1. The first need to download itunes to Apple's official website download here will not be introduced in detail. 2. Download Complete installation and click itunes to enter the interface 3. Click on the arrow and click to add the file to the database 4. Pop-up lets you select the content you want to add to the database (music test here) 5. Select All Click Confirmation, you will see the music in the database 6. Then click on the iphone button

How to get the iphone to sync photos via itunes on the computer

how to get the iphone to sync photos via itunes on the computer 1, the first to download and install itunes in the computer; 2, the mobile phone through the data cable to connect the computer's USB interface, and then click to open itunes; 3, click on the itunes interface in the upper left corner of the phone icon; 4, click on the set inside the "photo", the right side shows "

Iphone6 Plus uses itunes to sync local music to the iphone

Step 1: We first award the IPHONE6 Plus mobile phone to the computer and then we click on itunes on the computer and then we see the itunes interface detects our Iphone6 plus there's an IPhone button in the upper right corner of itunes. Step 2: We click on Iphone6 Plus in the upper right corner and click "Summary" now select "Manage music and video manually" in the interface and click the "Apply" button in the lower-right corner. Ste

Teach you how to easily sync your iphone phone book with Outlook

I believe a lot of people are still worried about the phone book problem in the iphone. Since Apple has not yet come out of the Chinese version of the iphone, so we can not directly enter the Chinese name, not only that, we have to manually add a contact person, it is really troublesome, but also error prone. But fortunately we can use the Windows built-in Outlook Express to solve these problems. Here's a

How does the Mac calendar event sync to the iphone?

As a user who often uses a Mac computer, PC6 is very fond of the Mac calendar, especially with the help of the icloud feature, which enables you to create a new Mac calendar with real-time sync to your iphone, so that you don't forget your schedule even if you leave the Mac. Here's how to set up a Mac calendar event to sync to the

Sync your Android and iphone memos

Android and Apple memos are not the same, and Android's memo is called Notepad. You have two phones, how do you sync up your Android and iphone memos? Now with an Android app, use the Pea pod on Android to collect the "Memo", the first one, download volume 97,000, more than 900 k is. Note: There are a lot of apps called memos, don't get it wrong, there's a notes on the app chart. Once installed, you can

Baidu Cloud iphone version of the address sync sharing

Baidu Cloud software users to the detailed interpretation of the share of Baidu Cloud iphone version of the Address book synchronization. Analytical sharing: Baidu Cloud iphone version of the directory synchronization is in the mobile phone address book changes, automatically synchronized data to the cloud process to ensure that the phone address book data and cloud data always consistent. Ope

How Mac Calendar events sync to iphone

1, first we need to set up the Mac and iphone icloud options First go to "system Preferences" on your Mac, then select the "iCloud" option and make sure the "Calendar" option is turned on when you set your Apple ID. The iphone's icloud settings are in the system's settings and ensure that the Calendar option is turned on. 2. Open "Calendar" in the dock bar, we will find that the system has been automatically started to

How to use the PP Assistant to sync data to the iphone via WiFi network

How the PP Assistant is set up via WiFi sync:1. Use the data cable to connect the iphone5 to the computer, and then open the itunes tool (you need to set up before you can connect via WiFi).2. In the upper-right corner of the itunes interface, you will see your device name and click on the device icon.3. In the options section of the Device management interface, check "sync with this

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