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String. format

String. format is a new static method in JDK1.5, which has powerful functions. Its main function is to format data, which is roughly divided into these classes (general type, character type, numeric type, date type ). Its syntax is as follows:

SQL Digital to English function

--Digital to English--=============================================--author:qianjin036a--Create date:06/14/2008 02:27:17--Des Cription:arabic numerals to english--=============================================go--creating functions Create function

Comprehensive Sqlite Learning (1), sqlite Learning

Comprehensive Sqlite Learning (1), sqlite Learning Finally, CSDN was chosen to sort out the knowledge points published over the past few years. This article was migrated to CSDN in parallel. Because CSDN also supports the MarkDown syntax, it's

SQLite Comprehensive Learning (i)

PS One sentence: Eventually choose Csdn to organize the publication of the knowledge points of these years, the article parallel migration to CSDN. Because CSDN also support markdown grammar, Ah!"Artisan Joshui Http://"SQLite

Mysql stored procedure thing Management

Mysql stored procedure thing management ACID: Atomic, Consistent, Isolated, Durable storage provides an excellent mechanism to define, encapsulate, and manage transactions. 1. MySQL transaction support is not bound to the MySQL server itself, but

SSH key exchange detailed and implementation Diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha

The DH key exchange of SSH is a set of key exchange algorithms for several complex algorithms. The algorithm called Diffie-hellman-groupx-exchange-shax in RFC4419 (there is another simple Rsax-shax switching algorithm). This paper takes

Jdbctype and Javatype

MyBatis by containing the Jdbctype type bit FLOAT CHAR TIMESTAMP other undefinedtinyint REAL V Archar BINARY BLOB nvarcharsmallint DOUBLE longvarchar VARBINARY CLOB Nchari Nteger NUMERIC DATE longvarbinary BOOLEAN nclobbigint DECIMAL time

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