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How does android increase the starting ringtone and android increase the ringtone?

How does android increase the starting ringtone and android increase the ringtone?The AudioMtkPolicyManager. cppICS version is AudioYusuPolicyManager. cpp.# Ifndef BOOT_animation_volume# Define boot_animation_volume (0.25)# EndifChange the value here to # define boot_animation_volume, and the maximum value is 1.How can

Android ringtone Analysis

Source code: Frameworks/base/Media/Java/Android/Media/ringtonemanager. Java Frameworks/base/Media/Java/Android/Media/ringtone. Java Frameworks/base/CORE/Java/Android/preference/ringtonepreference. Java Packages/providers/mediaprovider/src/COM/Android/providers/Media/ringtone

How to change the ringtone settings for iPhone 5S

Prepare toolsOne iphone, one computer, and itunes software.How to change the ringtone1. Install itunes on your computer, connect the iPhone 5S to your computer, set "device" in itunes, click the ringtone option, and check the synchronization ringtone.2. Click "music" in itunes-add the file to the database-select the correct path to import the

Explanation of ringtone playback in Android [Android source code analysis 5]

Now let's talk about playing ringtones in the Android system. From the framework level, let's talk about the playing principle of ringtone. I encountered a problem in playing system ringtones in the android source code, so I carefully studied this knowledge. Now I have sorted it out and provided some help to the readers. Now I am very friendly in playing and sett

Android sets a song in the music player as a ringtone, And the setting does not work.

Android sets a song in the music player as a ringtone, And the setting does not work.AudioProfile, scene mode, multi-card ringtone settingThe system enables Multi_ringtone_support. Choose "Music"> "song list"> "Long-press a song" and choose "set as the ringtone". The message is displayed, but the set scene mode is disp

Android in music player set a song for incoming call ringtone, setting does not work

(Outdoorkey, Audioprofilemanager.type_ringtone, Msimid, SystemUri);LOG.D (TAG, "Ringtone changed by other apps in Non-silent"+ "profile, synchronize to active profile:new uri =" + Systemuri);} else {LOG.D (TAG, "Ringtone changed by itself, do nothing!");}Break}Change to look like thisCase General:Case Outdoor:if (Mext.shouldsyncgeneralringtonetooutdoor ()) {If

How Android replaces the call ringtone of the contact

If you know ContactID, you can get the existing ringtone like this:Public String Getcontactrington (long contactId) { String Rington = ""; string[] projection = {ContactsContract.Contacts.CUSTOM_RINGTONE}; Uri Contacturi = Contenturis.withappendedid ( ContactsContract.Contacts.CONTENT_URI, contactId); cursor cursor = this.getcontentresolver (). Query (Contacturi, projection, NULL, NULL, NULL);

Set your own software's ringtone + vibrate in Android

) = = Audiomanager.vibrate_setting_off) {No vibrations.Notification.vibrate =null;}elseif (volmgr.getvibratesetting (audiomanager.vibrate_type_ringer) = = audiomanager.vibrate_setting_only_silent) {Vibrate only when mutedNotification.vibrate =null;}else{VibrationNotification.defaults |= notification.default_vibrate;}}}Notification.flags |= notification.flag_show_lights;//to turn on the lightsBreakDefaultBreak}}The concrete implementation is like the code, the annotation is also very clear, where

How to add a menu to set up a dual-sim ringtone in Android Music

ringtone for the KK version of Music, continue with the following modifications:1. Add the following code at the beginning of the java.util.List;Import Android.provider.Telephony.SIMInfo;2. Confirm that the library of Telephony-common is added to the of music:Local_java_libraries + = mediatek-framework \Telephony-common3, add the following method in Mediatek\frameworks\base\telephony\java\com\mediatek\telephony\simin

Android ringtonemanager ringtone Management

Package COM. aina. android; import Java. io. file; import android. app. activity; import android. content. intent; import android. media. ringtonemanager; import uri; import android. OS. bundle; import android. OS. en

Add a new ringtone to the Android system

If you want to add a ringtone to the Android system, you can use the ADB push method. However, if you want to modify the system multiple times, it will be too difficult to push it in. Here is a simple method, it is to compile the ringtone into the Android system. in the imgfile, the

The shutdown ringtone cannot be output from the speaker when the Android phone is switched on

In the Startoutput method of AudioMTKPolicyManager.cpp, it is added after Newdevic gets:if (stream==audiosystem::boot) Newdevice|=audio_device_out_speaker;status_t audiomtkpolicymanager::startoutput (audio_io_handle_t output,Audiosystem::stream_type Stream,int session){ALOGD ("startoutput () output%d, stream%d, session%d", output, stream, session);......if (outputdesc->mrefcount[stream] = = 1) {audio_devices_t newdevice = Getnewdevice (output, false/*fromcache*/);Routing_strategy strategy = Gets

Android Ringtonemanager ringtone Manager

Tags: man ring turn tde lis NTA Game too context Get default ringtone uri/Uri String Uri sound = Ringtonemanager.getdefaulturi (type);(type = Ringtonemanager.type_ringtone or ringtonemanager.type_notification or ringtonemanager.type_alarmThe same as below) Get ringtone uri/ Uri string String getringtoneuripath (int type,int pos) { Ringtonemanager manager = new Ri

Android edit MMS, add a few pages of ringtones, preview the Pause interface, the ringtone name is missing this displayaudioinfo () function should be changed to publicIn Packages/apps. Mms/src/com/android/mms/ui/ revision changed toif (action = = mediaaction.no_active_action) {M:code analyze 006, Fix bug ALPS00272535,Can ' t return even if no_active_action @{Presentaudio (view, (Audiomodel) media, true);((Slideview) view). Displayaudioinfo ();Continue/// @}Android edit MMS,

"Turn" Android phone send SMS, vibrate, play default ringtone

Send SMS@SuppressWarnings ("deprecation")public void SendMessage (string Phoneno, String messagecontent){Smsmanager Smsmanager = Smsmanager.getdefault ();Smsmanager.sendtextmessage (phoneno,//receiver's mobile phone numbernull,//Sender's mobile phone numbermessagecontent,//Information Contentnull,//whether a successful receipt is sentnull//receive a successful receipt);}Play default ringtonePrivate MediaPlayer MediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer ();public Boolean ring (){Uri Ringtoneuri = Ringtonemana

When the android phone is connected, the shutdown ringtone cannot be output from the outside

When the android phone is connected, the shutdown ringtone cannot be output from the outsideIn the startOutput method of AudioMTKPolicyManager. cpp, add the following content after obtaining newDevic:If (stream = AudioSystem: BOOT) newDevice | = AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_SPEAKER; Status_t AudioMTKPolicyManager: startOutput (audio_io_handle_t output,AudioSystem: stream_type stream,Int session){ALOGD ("startOutput ()

Android NOtification Use (Vibrating splash screen ringtone)

I. Introduction of NotificationIn an Android system, the application may encounter several situations that need to be notified to the user, some require a user response, and some do not, for example:* When events such as save files are completed, a small message should appear to confirm the success of the Save.* If the application is running in the background and requires the user's attention, the application should create a notification that allows t

Change Android device information, such as change phone model IPhone7 Gold Local tyrants version!

First of all, your mobile phone must have root authority, the risk of misoperation should be cautiousPlease turn on the phone's USB debugging, prevent the phone from changing after the inability to start the repair caused by1, if you are on the phone changes, directly using the RE file manager, edit the/system/build.prop file, findro.product.model=k333Ro.product.brand=ssChange intoRo.product.model=iphone7 Gold Local tyrants version ro.product.brand=appleThen save, restart your phone and you can.

Android Development in EditText Click enter key focus change processing (get focus and lose focus interactive change)

Recently, because of the project needs, the focus of the edittext needs to be shifted to Lineralayout: After you have entered the EditText, click the Enter key or press OK on other embedded Android devices to get the Lineralayout click event.This method can be called Initlistener in the OnCreate method;  1 /**2 * Listen to the focus of the EditText, click the Enter key (or press OK), lose focus, turn focus to ImageView3 */4 Private voidIn

Android in the left half of the video screen to change the brightness of the right half of the slide up and down to change the sound _android

Description Implementation features: (1) The right part of the screen slide, the sound becomes big, down, the sound becomes small screen left half of the slide, brightness, decline, brightness becomes small (2) If the brightness >1 or less than 0.2, the mobile phone vibration Private float starty;//Record the y-coordinate of the finger pressed private float startx;//record the y-coordinate when the finger is pressed private int downvol;//record the volume of the finger pressed private vi

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