cannot load php5apache2 4 dll into server

Want to know cannot load php5apache2 4 dll into server? we have a huge selection of cannot load php5apache2 4 dll into server information on

Install and configure apache2.2.8, php5.2.6, mysql5, and phpmyadmin2.11.6 in Windows Vista

Recently, we started to use PHP. Therefore, we need to configure the development environment of haoxing. Considering that the current system is vista, we decided to run on Vista first, if you are free, install Ubuntu in the virtual machine to run

Configuration method for installing Apache2.2.3+php5.2+mysql+zend under Win2003 1th/2 Page _ Server

Write one of the latest and most detailed installation instructions, because I have to reinstall the system after the configuration, and some only need to modify the configuration file on it First, the use of software: Apache_2.2.3-win32-x86-no_ssl.

Windows Php,mysql,apache related installation and configuration, perfect ...

installation of PHPBecause PHP is a zip file (not installed version), the installation is relatively simpleUnzip on the line. Rename the extracted php5.2.1-win32 to PHP5. and copy it to the installation disk directory. For example, the installation

Apache2 + Php5 + MySQL5Windows Configuration

First, setupApache2 + Php5 First, install and configure APACHE (in my case, install it to E: ProgramFilesApacheSoftwareFoundationApache2.2) 1. Install it by default, NetworkDomain, ServerName I enter my computer name, enter your email address in the

PHP5 + APACHE2.2 configuration _ MySQL

Configure Apache in PHP5 + APACHE2.2 PHP5 + APACHE2.2 configuration When I was a beginner in php, I had a problem with the configuration. I found a good post and tried it. so I switched it with me. However, I still found a problem in this article

php5+apache2.2 method

php5+apache2.2 method Let me take a look at the static configuration method.Rewriteengine onRewriterule/rent/d-(d+). html$/rent/detail.php?id=$1Rewriterule/newhouse/d-(d+). html$/newhouse/detail.php?id=$1Rewriterule/sale/d-(d+).

PHPEclipse build PHP development environment ____php

Turn from: 1.PHPEclipse is a plug-in for the development of PHP in Eclipse. Website Download Address: the decompression, the contents of the

Apache2 and PHP5 for winxp simple configuration Tips _win Server

I. Installation and commissioning of PHP Because PHP is a zip file (not install version), the installation is simpler, decompression on the line. Rename the extracted php5.2.1-win32 to PHP5. and copy it to the C disk directory. That is, the

How to configure the php environment in Windows XP _ PHP Tutorial

How to configure the php environment in Windows XP. Download PHP5: Docs download apache: down. chinaz. comsoft18000.h download PHP5: php Tutorial. net/distributions/ "target =" _ blank ">

PHP environment configuration php5 mysql5 apache2 phpmyadmin installation and configuration _php tips

The configuration of the PHP environment, for beginners, is absolutely annoying. Always encounter such a problem, go a lot of detours. So today I specifically wrote this configuration document, I believe that the following steps you will be

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