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How to turn on network discovery in Windows 8

1. Hold down the "Windows logo" and "X" keys on the keyboard at the same time, and open "Control Panel" at the System tool shortcut entrance. Refer to the figure below 2. In the Control Panel, select Network and Internet. Refer to the figure below 3, click "Network and Sharing Center". Refer to the figure below 4. In the

Zabbix build notes [10]--network Discovery

new host's IP is already present, it is not considered a new host Enabled Whether to enable this rule immediately Each discovery check produces the following kinds of event: Service discovered: When services change from down state to up or first discovered Service up: A state in which services are continuously up Service Lost: The state from the up state into down Service down: A continuous state of being down Host discovere

Fault discovery and repair of Windows-based Virtual Private Network

VPN is the most impressive Network Technology launched in the past few years. Employees outside the company do not have to pay a lot of telephone fees to directly access the company's network. Instead, they can use existing network connections and the connection is free of charge. Although this technology is great, it does not work in the way it should, so we nee

In Windows 10, the wireless network is always disconnected. What should I do ?, Windows 10 Wireless Network

In Windows 10, the wireless network is always disconnected. What should I do ?, Windows 10 Wireless Network This problem may occur when we use win10, that is, win10 often experiences network

Windows 7 An automatic connection to turn off or turn on a network

The Windows 7 system solution is as follows: 1. Click "Start" in the "Control Panel". 2. Select " View network status and Tasks" under the Network and Internet Options. 3. Select "Change adapter Settings". 4. Select the network that you do not want to automatically connect to, and right-cli

[Turn to translate] Networking API improvements in Windows 10

).links to articles related to this: . NET Networking APIs for UWP–HTTP://AKA.MS/DOTNETUWP windows.devices.alljoyn– Wi-Fi and Network Connectivity apis– Wi-Fi Direct apis– Hotspot 2.0 api– Bluetooth apps–

Turn off the WiFi currently connected to the Windows system and determine the physical \ Virtual network card, wired \ Wireless network card

% '"); stringGUID =""; foreach(ManagementObject moinchSearcher. Get ()) {GUID= mo["GUID"]. ToString (). Trim (); Console.WriteLine (GUID); varRegistryKey = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey (@"system\currentcontrolset\control\network\{4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\"+ GUID +"\\Connection",false); if(RegistryKey! =NULL) { varMediasubtypevalue = RegistryKey.GetValue ("Mediasubtype");

10 practical ways to turn off Windows 8 systems

and reboot shortcuts are dragged to the taskbar 3. Use shortcut keys to shut down or reboot You can customize the hotkey for the shortcuts above, so that you can quickly turn off or reboot with just one click. 4, the Use of Shutdown dialog box ALT+F4 This shortcut key combination is also true in Windows 8. Shutdown, restart, sleep here, in desktop mode using ALT+F4, select the operation to be done. 5.

How does the Windows 10 firewall function close? Turn off the WIN10 firewall settings method

Cause analysis I need to turn off the carbon paper because the firewall problem is causing the other person to be unable to access my shared and file printer. Turn off the WIN10 firewall tutorial First, find "Computer" on the desktop then right-click it, click "Properties" in the pop-up menu, option. Second, in the Open interface click on the interface of the "Control Panel homepage", open access.

Turn off wireless features under Windows 10

1. We found the wireless connection icon in the Windows 10 system taskbar, then we clicked on the WLAN button and then opened the Wireless list interface: Then we'll see that there are two modes, and we click on it to open the 2, of course, one way is to click the Network Settings button, on the pop-up page, the wireless function will be opened as shown

How do I turn on the Cortana voice assistant under Windows 10?

1, Windows 10 We are directly unable to find, we can find the WIN10 task on the search box, and then in the pop-up interface we click the Settings button, as shown in the following image: 2, OK, we open the settings interface will be set to open the state can be shown in the following image, this is in English. Note: The search box can be clicked on the taskbar by right-clicking and setting, a

How does Windows 10 turn off push notifications?

1, Windows 10 upgrade notification that someone has a program patch to judge, this patch is: KB3035583, we just delete it on it, open the Start menu, and then find the control Panel-programs and features-view installed updates, as shown in the following illustration: 2, in the program management we find KB3035583 Update, click Uninstall can (need to restart), as shown: 3, Note: KB3035583 is th

Broadcom wired network Card The solution of using system's own driver to break the network under Windows 8/8.1/10

Source: qiuyi21.cnblogs.com1 , download the latest official version of the driverOn Broadcom official website Download the latest official version of the driver for your network card, do not download the beta version.2 , delete the system's own driver cacheAt the same time press the WIN + x appear management menu, then press g Key to open Computer Management, left check "Device Manager",

Windows 10 10240 System Click the Network icon and eject the settings of the Network settings interface

How do we achieve click on the bottom right corner of the network icon, and then pop open the following interface? 1, now we start to operate, we press the WIN+R key at the same time and then enter after we enter regedit in the Run box, bring up the Registry Editor as shown in the following figure; 2, then we open the interface again we position: \heky_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\

How to turn off Windows security and network authentication prompts

Failure phenomenon: Windows security windows are often ejected when you connect to a wireless network, and you will need to resolve them after closing. Reason analysis: This problem appears in the WIN8, Win8.1 operating system, and most of the campus network users. This hint results from the 802.1X authent

To turn off the Win7 system Windows Secure Network Authentication window tutorial

To turn off the Win7 system Windows Secure Network Authentication window tutorial 1, encountered the following prompts; 2, in the lower right corner of the desktop click the Network connection icon to choose to open the network and Sharing center; 3, choose

How the Windows 10 system brings up the desktop computer Recycle Bin network icon

Windows 10 system and Win7 and Win8 ico is different, the interface is not optimized but some friends do not operate, this time to introduce how to get the desktop icon method. The first step: Right-click in the Win10 desktop space, and then click the "personalized" effect as follows: The second step: after we find the "personalized" interface, "find the theme" and then we find the "desktop Icon"

Your computer can also read the world (i)--10 minutes to run the convolutional Neural Network (WINDOWS+CPU)

professional students can learn to use this framework, and then perhaps can write a very simple frame of their own, I learn while writing, you look at the side spit groove on the line.The first article in this series is mainly to introduce the great framework from the application level, and some other tutorials, I introduced this kind of application does not need Linux, do not need the GPU (this will be slower, but the first to run up and then consider how to optimize it, it is important that t

Network connection ports and firewall settings for DCS [deploy Windows Server 2008 Series for Enterprise] 10]

In the previous 9 articles to share with you the construction of the 2008 DC and the core mode of some applications, when we have to deploy infrastructure services for the enterprise to be safe to start Windows Server 2008 with Windows Firewall, and many enterprises will also Deploy some security-resolution products (such as ISA) separately. So, to do a good job of the deployment of these products, we need

What should I do if I connect to wifi on Windows 10 and the network is disconnected automatically ?, Wifi disconnection

What should I do if I connect to wifi on Windows 10 and the network is disconnected automatically ?, Wifi disconnection After the computer is upgraded to the Windows 10 system, when a laptop is used to connect to Wireless wifi, it is often automatically dropped. What is the

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