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Install the Canon ip1180 printer on Ubuntu (image printing is not fixed)

The Internet says that the Canon pixma ip1180 and Canon pixma ip1800 drivers are common. 1. Download Two driver packages from Canon Cnijfilter-common-2.70-1.i386.rpm Cnijfilter-ip1800series-2.70-1.i386.rpm Use alien to convert an RPM package into a deb package $ Sudo alienCnijfilter-common-2.70-1.i386.rpm $ Sudo alienCnijfilter-ip1800series-2.70-1.

Have fun with the old printer at home-Canon canon s100sp

printing report ends. Appendix: FAQs about Canon s100sp 1. During each printing, the computer always prompts that the wrong ink cartridge is used.What should I do?A: 1) in the printer properties of the driver, there is a color mode setting (graphics) setting with 2 options: Color and monochrome, corresponding to the B

Java calls printer printing file, java calls printer printing

Java calls printer printing file, java calls printer printing /*** Print ** @ param file * @ param saveFile * @ param preFix * @ param formatFile * @ return * @ throws NoOfficeException */public static void doPrintDoc (File file) {if (file = null |! File. exists () {return;} // get the file suffix int index = file. get

In Windows, how does one connect to a network printer for printing ?, Windows Printer

In Windows, how does one connect to a network printer for printing ?, Windows Printer In daily work, some files need to be printed out. Unfortunately, the printer is not connected to your computer. At this time, we usually copy the USB flash drive to the computer connected to the

How to set up the printer sleeve? tutorial on printing and printer custom paper

Some departments can not be directly linked to the system for some reason, so must be set. 1, clear the location of the ticket set, respectively, is the name, date, charge items, itemized charges, the amount of the case, the name of the toll 2, and then in Excel to make the same table content, you can play bills 3, but the first to the printer to customize the paper, the amount of good bill is the length and width of the number. 4, from the

Banma barcode printer GK888T printing labels are separated, not consecutive, gk888t printing labels

Banma barcode printer GK888T printing labels are separated, not consecutive, gk888t printing labels There are two different types of paper: intermittent Label paper and continuous Label paper, The printer's label sensor needs to work in different modes to track and sense them. The printer correctly senses the paper

C # Incomplete printing of word printing documents (data is completely sent to the printer, and the program has exited)

This problem sometimes occurs when we call word printing. That is, we callWorddoc. PrintoutAfter the data is sent to the printer, disable the callProgramSometimes the data is not completely printed due to the data loss caused by sending the data to the printer. Solution: force the program to send all the data to the printe

Serial port small ticket printer printing garbled problem

methods of error detection: Occasional, odd, high and low. Of course, no check bit is also possible. For even and odd checks, the serial port sets the check bit (one after the data bit), using a value to ensure that the transmitted data has an even or odd logical high. For example, if the data is 011, for parity, the check bit is 0, and the number of bits that are logically high is an even number. If it is a parity check, the check bit is 1, so there are 3 logical highs. Highs and lows are not

Printer printing garbled Solution

Friends who often use printers should know that the biggest headache is the garbled print. The reasons for this are complex. This article focuses on the hard and soft faults for printing Garbled text. The purpose is to improve the capability of printing Garbled text for maintenance, so that everyone can no longer be helpless in the face of printing Garbled text!

"VC + + Technology 003" Printing technology of printer status monitoring

In the previous blog post, I mainly described how to get and set the system's default printer, this article will describe how to monitor the status of the printer in real-time, recording the printed documents, the number of copies printed, as well as the printing time and other printing information.1.

Install the Canon ip1000 printer driver in Ubuntu

Models supported by Driver Installation for Canon ip1000 printer in Ubuntu are: CanonPixus550i/850i/950i (i550/i850/i950) models/860i/960i (i560/i860/i960) canonPixusiP3100/iP4100/iP8600 (andPix Install driver for Canon ip1000 printer in Ubuntu Supported models include: Canon

Solution for printer Printing effect aliasing

Perhaps you will say that the printing material with the printer is not simple, first run the document editing program, and then enter the material content in the editing window, and then the appropriate layout editing, and finally click the "print" command can print out the material, which has such trouble. Indeed, the current operation of printing materials sim

Printer for Web Printing

Some time ago, I developed a Web express order Printing program for a friend. The program itself is very simple, with thousands of lines of code. I can do it over the weekend, because it is too simple, I only call it a program, not a system. However, after using it, my friend raised a pertinent requirement that the express Waybill was printed by a dot matrix printer, while the document was usually A4 paper,

Use HP dedicated network printing server network printer Installation

Hardware preparation:Connect the built-in printing server (such as 620N and 615N) or the external printing server 300X, 500X, and 175X) to the printer, and connect the printer to the corresponding network environment through the network cable; Print the configuration page of the network

3D printing shining in the Expo, "Hunan Zhi-made" re-exhibition new style-Farsoon high-tech launches the world's first open source customizable metal 3D printer

"2015 China Central Investment and trade fair" May 18 opened the curtain in Wuhan, Hunan Province Business Department organization of our province on behalf of enterprises active participation . among them , farsoon High-Tech limited liability company as the domestic 3D printing industry leader in the exhibition released the world's first open source customizable metal 3D printer fs271m, Become a major hig

How to improve the printing speed of laser printer

Aspect 1, the built-in processor operating frequency and computing power. It is the high speed of the printer is an important condition, common is the use of RISC processor, working frequency at least 50MHz, high-speed products can reach 100MHz. Aspect 2, the memory configuration size, the maximum can support expands to how many. Generally speaking, the larger the memory capacity, the faster the printing s

What about the font or pattern line that the Canon ip1188 printer prints?

What about the font or pattern line that the Canon ip1188 printer prints? Sometimes the printer will have a little trouble, like small knitting now to introduce about ip1188 printer font or pattern line deviation solution, symptoms under the picture, although a bit exaggerated, because the A4 on the word small, so wit

3D Printer applicable industry field Overview "Hong Rui 3D Printing Factory"

"The thought of the last century, the technology of the last century, the market of this century", in fact, 3D printing technology is not a new product. At present, 3D printing technology has been favored by people, but also arouse people's passion for 3D printing. Because the benefits given to us are not confined to the decline in production costs, which in turn

The principle and printing process of the printer under Linux __linux

Linux Printing principle Under Linux, the spool (spooling) printing method, when the user needs to print a file, the file is not sent directly to the printer, but sent to the spool directory, and then a responsible for printing the background process to send the data into the print

MP600 Canon Printer error code 5010 what to do

There are many reasons why the printer does not print, there are printers, there are computer aspects. 1. Check if the printer is online. 2. Check that the printer is set as the default printer. 3. Check whether the current printer is set to pause

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