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Have fun with the old printer at home-Canon canon s100sp

printing report ends. Appendix: FAQs about Canon s100sp 1. During each printing, the computer always prompts that the wrong ink cartridge is used.What should I do?A: 1) in the printer properties of the driver, there is a color mode setting (graphics) setting with 2 options: Color and monochrome, corresponding to the BC-21E and BC-20 cartridge respectively. Select the appropriate options based on the ink ca

LAN Printer Sharing setup graphics and text tutorial

One: On a computer with a printer, share the printer 1, first of all, to confirm with the shared printer connected to the Power-on state, and has installed the printer driver, and can achieve normal printing, for the driver installation is not described here. (The actual operation of the two computers are the Windows

What about the font or pattern line that the Canon ip1188 printer prints?

What about the font or pattern line that the Canon ip1188 printer prints? Sometimes the printer will have a little trouble, like small knitting now to introduce about ip1188 printer font or pattern line deviation solution, symptoms under the picture, although a bit exaggerated, because the A4 on the word small, so wit

IE9 cannot use the Canon printer

The webpage cannot be printed on IE9, and the "res: // ieframe. dll/preview. js" script is incorrect (for example ). It is no problem to uninstall IE9 and re-test IE8. re-installation of IE9 is still not feasible. It seems that there may be a problem with IE9. I found a lot of information that could not be solved, and I suspected there was a conflict with some software in the system. I accidentally saw the Microsoft Support article saying that the IE

AirPrint Printer Setup Tutorial

In the use of MAC Office will inevitably use the printer to print the appropriate files, then AirPrint will often see, then AirPrint printer in the end what is it? PC6 Apple net Small series for you to introduce a detailed AirPrint printer setup tutorial. What is the AirPrint prin

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