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Bo "slimming" to crack the Web2.0 bubble 5 billion yuan venture capital in winter

In the wake of the financial tsunami, the halo on the concept of "Web2.0" is gradually fading."When talking about web, we all thought it was the trend and direction of the future. A large number of organizations have created a bubble in this

Founder of Flickr tells the story of entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship without Venture Capital

The story of Flickr shows that young internet companies have an increasingly strong preference to act independently. A few years ago, this independent route was almost unimaginable. By the end of 1990s, fixed costs for servers, storage devices, and

Video podcast accelerates Internet access to capital operations

Internet Video podcast accelerates Internet access to capital operations Internet more than 10 years, from the beginning until 05, the basic is private workshops, less capital movement to do the entry, many people do not understand the Internet,

[Reprint] online game data explanation

For online games, you must understand this knowledge.Online Game data explanation Author: xinhaoBlog:Http:// Retcode = 0   [Number of users-registered users] The quality of registered users in different projects is

Introduction to online game entrepreneurship failure

Xu yiran, Investment Director After too many startups, I found it too difficult to start a business. At the beginning, I thought that my luck was a little worse, and the reasons for every failure were different, I experienced a variety of

Research on the vulnerability of online bank security

When we have not had time to lament the fast and convenient internet banking, viruses and hackers have been the success of many users have scared a shiver. Does it mean that enjoying a convenient life must be exchanged with its own safety?   "User

The concept of "free" is revolutionizing online games

Source: New daily report The "Free hurricane" in the online gaming market has effectively led to a sharp increase in online users. For the emerging operating model of "free", online gaming giants including Kingsoft and Shanda in China are still

How to find free online games with huge investment?

How to find free online games with huge investment? Currently, happy digital has just ended its marketing campaign for millions of free cursors, this has led to a dramatic increase in online users of three online games, namely "BCC", "Destiny II",

E-commerce online payment risks and security countermeasures

E-commerce is a way to complete a series of business activities such as commodity transactions and settlement through computers and networks, the content includes information flow, capital flow, and logistics information flow and capital flow are

How to make profits for online videos [convert to TechCrunch]

The content of this article is comprehensive, and many references are given links. It can be seen that the people who write this article are very careful:   There are several important points:   Status quo: online videos are growing fast and traffic

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