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C + + Essay: GC exploration of. NET CORECLR (4)

-triggerInject_fault (return false); If the injection fails, then return false directly}Contractl_end; End of agreementWe have to look at the following code, is not a sense of the impossible? Then I'll bring you to the analysis. Sanity _asserte (g_handletablemap.pbuckets = = NULL);From among, completely already detailed the compiler to look for code of the process, about the assert some of the text, we can self-Baidu.About G_handletablemap, due to space and time is limited, I only talk abo

Android Deep Exploration with Hal Drive Development (Vol. 1)--fourth chapter essay

, including process scheduling, timers, etc., are part of the platform-related code in the Arch/*/kernel directory.Lib:Library file code. mm:Memory management code, and part of the platform-related code is placed in the ARCH/*/MM directory.Net:Network-related code, the implementation of a variety of common network protocols.Scripts:The script file used to configure the kernel files.Security:is primarily a selinux module. Sound:Drivers for commonly used audio devices.USR:Implements a cpio.Android

Android Deep Exploration with Hal Drive Development (Vol. 1)--seventh chapter essay

hardware, but interacts with the native I/O memory (I/O memories, which are located in the kernel space). So-called I/O memory is a variety of excuses (PCI, USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet port, etc.) connected to the host (PC, mobile phone) hardware (network card, sound card, camera, etc.)The mappings in host memory. For example, a driver running on Ubuntu Linux only needs to access I/O memory in a host running Ubuntu Linux, and then the Linux kernel interacts with the data hardware in I/O memory.The

Android Deep Exploration with Hal Drive Development (Vol. 1)--fifth chapter essay

Sunmicrosystem company.Operating featuresRISC chips typically operate at 400MHZ orders of magnitude. The clock frequency is low, the power consumes less, the temperature rises also is few, the machine is not easy to fail and the aging, improves the system reliability. A single instruction cycle accommodates multiple parallel operations. In the development process of RISC microprocessors. Has produced the ultra-long instruction Word (VLIW) microprocessor, which uses a very long set of instructio

Android Deep Exploration with Hal Drive Development (Vol. 1)--sixth chapter essay

program. Specifically, you can use the user program to configure kernel service program parameters, extract the data provided by the kernel service program, of course, you can also enter the processing data to the kernel service program.Typical applications include: NetFilter (Kernel service Program: firewall) vs iptable (User-level program: Rule Setup program), IPSEC (kernel service Program: VPN protocol section) vs IKE (User-level program: VPN key negotiation processing) And, of course, a lar

C + + Essay: GC exploration of. NET CoreCLR (2)

dynamic_data_table [Gen_number];}And then we'll take a look at this dynamic_data_table, Per_heap dynamic_data dynamic_data_table [numbergenerations+1];The following look at this picture, suddenly I realized that the so-called DataTable, is the dataset we use each time, in fact, the bottom layer is placed on the stack above, in a complex heap of the way to store, and each DataTable, in fact, is the small composition of the stack, not only I understand right.The following 2 methods in the a

C + + Essay: GC exploration of. NET CORECLR (1)

an address.Inlineptr_heap_segment Heap_segment_next (heap_segment* inst) { return inst->next;}Let's take a look at the Heap_segment_in_range function. Let's look at its definition first.Inlinebool heap_segment_in_range_p (heap_segment* inst) {//it returns a bool type, of course this bool is a custom return (!) ( Inst->flags heap_segment_flags_readonly) | | ((Inst->flags heap_segment_flags_inrange)! = 0));}Of course we have to know a basic definition, and the following variable

C + + Essay: GC exploration of. NET CORECLR (3)

{ DWORD lowpart; LONG Highpart; } Dummystructname; struct { DWORD lowpart; LONG Highpart; } u; #endif//midl_pass longlong QuadPart;} Large_integer;The above people need to understand some basic knowledge of C + +, specific people to Baidu, the following we look at QueryPerformanceFrequency this method, this method is located in the WDK, detailed introduction to see here typedef unsigned long DWORD; typedef long Long; typedef __int64 Longl

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