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Single Sign-On CAS Usage Note (1): preparations and configuration of SSL protocol for CAS-Server, cas-serverssl

Single Sign-On CAS Usage Note (1): preparations and configuration of SSL protocol for CAS-Server, cas-serverssl Knowledge point: SSO: Single Sign-on(Single Sign On) is one of the most popular solutions for enterprise business integration. SSO is defined in multiple application systems. Users only need to log on once to

CAS Server Service (CAS client) registration information maintenance

As a CAS server, whether or not clients can be accessed is defined by configuration. For the CAS server, each access client corresponds to a service configuration. When the CAS server is started, these services are loaded and regi

cas-Simple authentication cas server login and read database account password login

Environmental Win8+tomcat7+jdk7+cas-server-4.0.0-release1. First to download, unzip to modules directory Cas-server-webapp-4.0.0.war, copy to Tomcat's WebApp director

CAS (1)--mac configure CAs to Tomcat (server side)

Tomcat version: tomcat-8.0.29JDK version: jdk1.8.0_65CAS version: cas4.1.2cas-client-3.4.1Reference Source:CAS implements single sign-on (SSO) Classic Complete TutorialCAS 4.0 Configuration Development ManualCAS client application implementationUsing CAS to implement single sign-on in TomcatTomcat (1)--mac Configuring Tomcat Https/ssl"Highly Available Ha" Apache (2)--mac installs multiple Apache tomcat instancesTarget SchemaDownloadFirst login to Jasi

Single Sign-On (SSO) based on CAS: configure the database query authentication mechanism on the CAS server.

[1]. Overview following the previous demonstration of single-point Logon (SSO) instance based on CAS, the server authentication mechanism adopts the default configuration of the test environment, this article will focus on how to query the database and configure authentication for the user name and password.[2] The Basic Environment of the demo environment is the same: Demonstration of Single Sign-On (SSO)

Sso-cas Introduction (Java Edition)------deploying CAS server-side applications

With the previous foundation, you can now start the deployment of the CAS server side. First you can go to Download the latest server and client side of CAs Here we are downloading Cas-

Configuration of the Yale CAS server/client environment and deployment of the SSL security protocol on the Tomcat server

Introduction to the configuration of CAS server and the configuration method of CAS Server Client Because CAS requires HTTPS to communicate with the client, Tomcat must be configured to support SSL. To achieve SSL, A Web service must have an associated certificate for each e

Single sign-on using Eclipse to build a war deployment package for the CAS server

the current CAS source code is the latest 5 series, But the project that can use MAVEN to build the war package is only 4.1 series and 4.2 series, the default is the Master branch, in order to download a stable version, I select the 4.2 branch (can be used in the branch drop-down box selection, you can also directly use this url:https:// )。 as shown in figure

Configure Yale CAS server for single-point login (SSO)

In this configuration document, refer to Argan's blog... use Yale CAS server to achieve single point of login (SSO)Argan's blog... Address: Configure java_home as follows:Java_home = D:/Java/jdk1.5.0 _ 06 CAS (Central Authentication Service) is an open-source Java implementation devel

CAS server building and Java Project integration

Recent project needs, need to do a single sign-on function, because previously did not contact SSO, not very understanding, consult the data after choosing to use CAS as the research object. CAS is a single sign-on server developed by Yale University.Learn from: experience,1. Development environment

Deploying a CAS server to implement custom JDBC validation

1 installation1.1 System ConfigurationThe following software environments are required:1. JDK 1.4.2 or higher2. Tomcat 5.X 1.2 tomcat configuration, enabling SSL1. Generate a key for Tomcat for use in SSL communications on the machine where CAS is to be installed: Keytool–genkey–alias Tomcat–keyalg RSAThe key password and other parameters need to be entered (the first parameter, CN, must be set to the CAS

Install CAS Server

Directory 1. Download the CAS Server2. Create a CAS keystore2.1 generate keypair2.2 export certificates from keystore2.3 import the certificate to JVM3. Make Tomcat support HTTPS4. Run the CAS Server1. Download the CAS Server Can download from

Exchange Server 2010 Learning (11) Deploying CAS+HT role High Availability

Exchange Server 2010 uses a role-based management model. Multi-Role Server installation and configuration, we have in the previous article has been introduced. In this case, depending on high availability, we need to deploy the server roles on separate servers and achieve high availability of CAs, HT, and MBX roles. At

Install CAS server on centos

. query [0]. password = 123456 # MySQL driver CAS. authn. JDBC. query [0]. driverclass = com. mySQL. JDBC. driver # Add JDBC-certified CAS. authn. JDBC. query [0]. SQL = select * from login where login_name =? # Which field is used as the password field cas. Authn. JDBC. Query [0]. fieldpassword = login_password Note: The above configuration is a plaintext passwo

Introduction to each profile in Cas server

All the configuration files in Cas server are placed under the Web-inf directory and its subdirectories.The configuration files under Web-inf/classes are:L The file is stored in the path of the CSS file, where the user can specify the CSS file to use as a custom CSS file, or you can change the default style of the corresponding CSS f

[SSO single-point series] (4): Return of user information after cas server logon, ssocas

[SSO single-point series] (4): Return of user information after cas server logon, ssocas Next, in the previous article, we described how to add a verification code on the cas server logon page and log on. Once the cas server is s

Detailed process of login-webflow on cas Server

Login-webflow is when you enter a in your browser? Param_list Then, how does the CAS server handle the issue. It is actually a spring-webflow application. For more information about spring-webflow, I won't be jealous if the Internet is overwhelming The Web. xml file on the CAS server

CAS 5.x Building FAQ Series (3). Failure to find org.apereo.cas:cas-server-support-pm-jdbc:jar:5.1.9

Error contentThe pom.xml of CAs overlay increased the cas-server-support-pm-jdbc.jary dependency,Packaging (MVN package) with the following errorD:\casoverlay\cas-overlay-template>mvn Package[info] scanning forprojects ... [INFO] [INFO]------------------------------------------------------------------------[INFO] Build

"Tech" CAS multi-machine deployment server and Java client side

Yesterday I tried to deploy the Java client side of CAs to another machine, and the result was a problem. (localhost deployment CAS server and Java client side see: main client access time error: subject Alternative names present

III. a failed CAS setup-server configuration _ PHP Tutorial

3. log on to the server for setting up CAS once failed. Setp3: bind Tomcat to the cas server: see www. open-= ========================================================== ====================================== Setp3: Tomcat and cas server

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