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CAS principle and configuration-cas-based single-point login (I)

1 Preface Single Sign On (SSO) is one of the most popular solutions for enterprise business integration. SSO enables, you only need to log on once to access all mutually trusted application systems. CAS (Central Authentication Service) is a good

CAS Cross-domain principle

Http:// CAs (central authentication Service) is an open source project initiated by Yale University, and according to statistics, about 10 Java projects that use open source to build Web SSO,

Code access security in SharePoint v3

What is the length of code access security schema? ====================== Provide an example. Pay attention to the highlighted yellow part.   Schema rules Each solution manifest can have only oneCodeaccesssecurityNode. PolicyitemYou can have any

Encrypt/decrypt & build private CAs with OpenSSL

With the Internet security and personal privacy increasingly critical today, encryption technology becomes particularly important and indispensable. In the password snow, encryption refers to the concealment of plaintext information, making it

ETCD Architecture and Implementation analysis

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Some time ago the project used the ETCD, so the study of its source code and implementation. Online about the use of ETCD introduction of many articles, but the

The principle of data encryption and decryption and the construction and revocation of private CAs

Simply list the basic commands and share only my thoughts!First, the data addition / decryption principle explanationboth clients communicate on the Internet, in order to ensure the security of information, there is The SSL protocol is called a

Introduction to ETCD non-relational database

1. What is ETCD service? ETCD is a health/value pair storage System with HTTP protocol, which is a distributed and functional hierarchy configuration system, which can be used to build service discovery system. Distributed, consistent kv storage

Basic usage of Redis in PHP

Use AutoLoad to load the relevant library, this is the key torequire$file; Spl_autoload_register (function ($class) {$file = __dir__. ' /lib/predis/'. $class. PHP '; if (file_exists ($file)) {require $file; return true;}); /Configure the connected

Php connection to redis database predis operations Daquan

Php connection to redis database predis operations Daquan Predis is the php database for connecting to redis. because it is fully written in php and uses a lot of namespace and closure functions, it only supports php5.3 and later versions,

The basic use case of Redis in PHP

Download Http:// decompression, there are: Lib source files, examples examples, test testsCopy the Lib directory to your project and you can start your Predis operation.Use AutoLoad to load the relevant library, the focus

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