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Add cascade update and cascade Delete to tables in SQL Server

In the past, SQL Server only performed operations on the graphic interface. Now I find that my SQL language skills are getting worse and worse. For example, how to add associations for two tables, cascade update and delete. I checked it at night and found that two methods can be used. Trigger method:Create trigger trg_aOnFor update, deleteAsBeginIf exists (select 1 from inserted)Update B set name = (Select

SQL Server triggers cascade inserts, CASCADE updates for tables

Tags: changing SQL from structure performing LSE highlight insert UPDFirst, two tables were created, Test1 and test2, with the expectation that the relevant records of Test2 could be changed at the same time when the test1 was changed. Assume that Test1 is the same as the table structure of Test2, as shown in the following table Name Age The trigger implements a cascade insert:Create trigger Test3o

Install zhimeng CMS on the Linux server and zhimeng cms on the linux Server

Install zhimeng CMS on the Linux server and zhimeng cms on the linux Server Installation Step 1: configure the firewall(By default, ports 80 and 3306 are access denied and configured on the firewall ): Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables (Add the following two sentences to the previous line of "COMMIT) -A input-m state -- sta

How to install Zhimeng CMS on a Linux server and cms_PHP on a linux server

On the Linux server, install Zhimeng CMS and the linux server Zhimeng cms. Install Zhimeng CMS on a Linux server. step 1 of the installation of cms on the linux

Install the Dream cms,linux server on Linux server weaving dream cms_php Tutorial

Linux Server install Dream cms,linux server weaving dream cms Installation article First Step: Configure the Firewall (By default, ports 80 and 3306 are denied access and are configured on the firewall): Vi/etc/sysconfig/iptables ( Add the following two sentences on the previous line of "COMMIT") -A input-m s

SQL SERVER Cascade Delete

There are three of tables:CompanyAddressContactEstablish foreign key in address and contact, foreign key ID is company's ID,Then you cannot delete company arbitrarily. But if the foreign key constraints in the Cascade Delete selected, it will be associated with the address and contact with the delete.SQL Server Cascade Delete: Automatically delete secondary table


It is convenient to use the ON Delete CASCADE option for FOREIGN key in the case of cascading deletions, but in the same table, if there are two foreign keys referencing the external data, you can set at most one foreign key to the on delete CASCADE. Other referential constraints require cascading deletions using triggers.1--Create a word list2IF EXISTS (SELECT * from sysobjects WHERE name='Word')3 DROP TAB

Instance Description: two ways for SQL Server multi-Table cascade Deletion

-- Instance Description: Two Methods for SQL Server multi-Table cascade deletion -- 1. Trigger-based cascade DeletionIf object_id ('tablec') is not null drop table tablecGoIf object_id ('tableb') is not null drop table tablebGoIf object_id ('tablea') is not null drop table tableaGoCreate Table tablea (Aid varchar (10) primary key, aname varchar (20 ))Insert tabl

Developing RTSP Cascade server with Darwin (pull mode forwarding) (source code)

(proxysession! = null) {proxysession->setreflectorsession (null); Sclientsessionmap->unregister ( Proxysession->getref ());p roxysession->signal (task::kkillevent);} Insession->setrelaysession (NULL); Ssessionmap->unregister (thesessionref);d elete insession; } else {qtss_printf ("QTSSReflector.cpp:RemoveOutput Release session=%lu REFCOunt=%d\n ", (UInt32) Insession,thesessionref->getrefcount ()); Ssessionmap->release (THESESSIONREF); }}} delete inoutput;}#演示效果#下载Program D

SQL Server Cascade Delete

Tags: style blog color for SP data div on logThe CNAME foreign key in the T_student table is constrained to the CNAME in the T_class tableYou cannot directly delete records in the T_class table:1 Delete from where cname='CR19'Because the T_student table uses the data from the T_class tableSo you need to set the Cascade Delete property1 Alter Table Add Foreign Key References on Delete CascadeWhen deleting records in the T_class table, the associated

SQL Server creates a foreign key, a child parent table, and a cascade delete.

Label:Cascade Delete.Recently, a contractual relationship has been established, with the addition of a maintenance contract on the original asset platform, and a maintenance contract.Need to add the asset to the maintenance contract, using EF, the added redundant fields have been added, now do this, delete only the main table hint problem, originally I did not select the "cascade Delete" property on the foreign keyThe end result is to manually delete,

[Windows Server 2012] Jackie CMS security settings

★ Welcome to The Guardian God · V Classroom, website address:★ Guardian God · V Classroom is a Web site dedicated to providing server instructional video for the Guardian God, updated weekly video.★ This section we will lead you: Jieqi CMS security settings.This section is mainly about Jieqi cms How to prevent hackers to upload Trojan horse

About the central Management Server (CMS) workaround that appears when you upgrade Lync or install Lync

Recently made a Lync demo, the experiment is out of the question, I will change the entire environment once.Finally, I want to install the whole environment and find that there have been problems.Then the Lync environment was cleared, but found no way to solve it smoothly. All problems end up with an issue where the central Management Server is present and cannot be removed.Find a lot of information, just know you can use the command to dispose of thi

3. Import CMS Forum data to the SQL Server database

Teach you how to import the CMS Forum data to the SQLServer database lab environment: a company is a national chain brand enterprise with more than 200 people at Headquarters, 35 national institutions, and a total of more than 3300 people, the company's original website, due to business development needs, cannot meet the existing access requirements, need to expand. The requirements are as follows: create a WEB site Teach you how to import

General steps for transferring a CMS program to a server in PHP

I have been exploring for half a day and now I have provided a method. PhpcProgramTransfer to another server 1. Back up the program in the old space and download it to the local device.2. Back up the old space website database (the backup data is under data/bakup/) and download it to your local device.3. Download the "php CMS program" (the same version as the old space program during installation), uplo

PHP under the CMS Program Transfer Server General steps _ website Application

I groped for half a day to transfer successfully and now gives the method. PHPC program to other server steps 1, back up the old space in the program, download to the local. 2, back up the old space site database (backup data under data/bakup/), download to the local. 3, download the "PHP CMS Program" (Program and the old space program installed when the version should be the same) uploaded to the new

Server guard CMS storage-type XSS dedicated account Administrator

Server guard CMS storage-type XSS dedicated account Administrator Server guard CMS storage-type XSS dedicated account administrator. 1. Home> recruitment information> job detailsYou can see "report" on the page"Click report and enter: I want to report this fraudulent position. What is this company rogue? What is "style

How does dedeCMS implement carousel image upload in CMS without using ftp to upload the server?

How can dedeCMS Upload carousel images in CMS? I used dedeCMS as a website template instead of an ftp upload server. However, all carousel images are manually created in the template, you must manually upload images to the background using ftp to change the code for uploading and changing carousel images in cms. Reply to discussion (solution)

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