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Oracle Diagnostics Case-job task stops executing [final version]

oracle| execution Oracle Diagnostics Case-job task stops executing Last Updated:friday, 2004-11-26 9:48 eygle Yesterday, a researcher reported that the database timed tasks did not perform properly, causing some operations to fail. began to intervene to deal with the accident. System environment: SunOS DB 5.8 generic_108528-21 sun4u SPARC sunw,ultra-4 Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release

Detailed description of oracle job creation learning notes

I don't know much about oracle. Today, a friend said that oracle creates a job. I thought it was a job. As a result, oracle creates a job, let me introduce how to create a job instance in oracle. I. Simple Test of the job creation process

3.3 Case 2: job queue, jobqueue

3.3 Case 2: job queue, jobqueue The 2nd cases are work queues. A typical point-to-point message, a Producer sends a work message to the queue, and a Consumer with a Listener class can obtain a work-condition message from the work queue, after the message is consumed by the consumer, it does not exist. It belongs to a one-to-one mode, this is different from the stock futures in the 3.2

Description of Linux regular expressions and extended expressions, egrep commands (August 27 job exercise)

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Personal blog Job Week2 (case study of Microsoft Bing Dictionary client)

. 1–2 Week, market research, mining the current lack of such software features. 3–4 Week, the research integrates, discusses the characteristic function, does the overall design, including the summary design and the detailed design. 第5-9 Week, began to develop, realize the function. Also began to look for business cooperation. 第10-11 Week, complete UI, artwork. 第12-14 week, testing, including unit testing, integration testing and system testing, and resolving bugs. 15th W

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