case vs if statement

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vs. project Properties Summary of some configuration items (important)

The following content is "original" + "reprint" First, the solution and project folders contain relationships (C + + projects): The VS solution and the individual project folders, as well as the configuration files that correspond to the individual

SQL statement execution vs. result set acquisition

Title:sql statement execution vs. result set acquisitionTags: [OLE DB, database programming, VC + +, database]Date:2018-01-28 09:22:10Categories:windows Database ProgrammingKeywords:oledb, database programming, VC + +, database, execute SQL, get

Vs sets breakpoints

  If no debugging function is available, VS can only be regarded as an editor that allows you to compile programs with rich functions. With the debugging function, vs becomes a rare development tool. In fact, judging whether an IDE is good or bad

Use the code snippet in VS to improve development efficiency

Http:// Ju_ssms_tools_pack.htmlPrefaceTalking about templates in VS,

VS and OpenCV Configuration principle essentials

One: the principle of configuration(1) VC + + directory containing directory configuration ( pre-compilation phase )Contains directories where the directory configuration path includes header files, such as Cv.h, that are included in # include. This

[Net] vs. Net multi-thread control statement

Vs. Net multi-thread control statement mutex 1. Monitor. Enter and monitor. Exit The monitor class grants an object lock to a single thread to control access to the object. Object locks provide the ability to restrict access to code blocks (usually

Code snippet in vs to improve development efficiency

When talking about the templates in Vs, I introduced how to create a project/item template. This method can save a lot of repetitive work when creating a project, thus improving the development efficiency. After creating a project and a file, you

VS. NET (C #) Database Interface: SqlCommand object asynchronous execution case code,

VS. NET (C #) Database Interface: SqlCommand object asynchronous execution case code, When executing the Command object Command, you must wait until the Command is complete before other operations can be executed. For example, if you execute

CLR vs. T-SQL vs stored procedure

The case that I have reviewed should be completed on the current day, but I have been very busy recently... When the number of cases starts, it seems that you have to learn how to distinguish the priorities of tasks. SQL Server 2005 (including 08)

vs shortcut Keys Daquan

Believe. NET developers want to be able to memorize a variety of VS shortcut keys to improve the efficiency of peacetime development, but suffer from memory ability is too poor and shortcut keys and special many, particularly annoying, so

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