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MySQL hot backup and restore---Leverage mysqldump---backup scripts

Tags: mysqldump mysql hot standby backup scriptPerform a full hot backup of the Extmail database daily 01:00, and you can fully recover!First, create a backup script, as follows:VI #!/bin/bash # program # with mysqldump to Fully backup MySQL data per week! bakdir=/mysqlback# the directory to be bac

Full backup + Incremental backup completes instant point restore

MySQL database: Gunzip 3.PURGE binary LOGS to ' mysql=bin.000011 '; Delete all binary logs before bin.00011;(Copy a log before deleting this point in time)Show binary logs; see what binary logs are in;Some changes in the period data, the database is manipulated4. Make an incremental log the next day:Mysql>flush logs; Flush after mysql-bin.0000011 for the past day operation log;#cd/mydata/data/#cp mysql-bin.0000011/root/and then back up#cp mysql-bin.0000012/root/Or#mysqlbinlog mysql-bin.000011 >

MySQL Backup and restore Series II: CP Cold Backup and Mysqldump

=myisamdefaultcharset=utf8;mysql>insert NBSP;INTONBSP;MYISAM_TBL (name) ->values (' One '), (' Joy '), (' Li '), (' Tom '), (' Jerry '), (' Hello ');### a good way to build data mysql>insertintomyisam_tbl (name ) ->selectnamefrommyisam_tbl;### Create a table mysql>createtableinnodb_tbl for the InnoDB engine (-> idINTNotnullauto_increment,->namevarchar (+), ->primarykey (ID) - >) engine=innodbDEFAULTcharset=utf8;# myisam_tbl data to Innodb_ TBL Table MYSQLGT;NBSP;INSERTNBSP;INTONBSP;INNODB_TBL (

SQL Server database backup and restore awareness and summary (ii) _mssql

backups, allowing the database to revert to the nearest current state. db_owner, dbcreator, or sysadmin. ">RESTORE with STANDBY to keep the database in read-only mode. Undo uncommitted transactions, but save the undo action in an alternate file so that the restore effect can be reversed. when this item is selected, the alternate file selection directory is activated. This item restores the unfinished tran

MySQL Big Data backup and incremental backup and restore

There are currently two major tools available for physical hot provisioning: Ibbackup and Xtrabackup, Ibbackup is expensive to authorize, and Xtrabackup is more powerful and open source than IbbackupXtrabackup provides two command-line tools:Xtrabackup: Data dedicated to backing up the InnoDB and XTRADB engines;Innobackupex: This is a Perl script that calls the Xtrabackup command during execution to implement backup InnoDB, or to back up objects of th

MySQL Backup and restore detailed

transaction logs, binary logs)3. Stored procedures, stored functions, triggers4. configuration file (very important, each configuration file to be backed up)5. Scripts used to implement database backup, Croutab of the database itself, etc...Third, MySQL Backup toolCommon backup tools:1.Mysql comes with

Linux implementation of MYSQL data backup and Restore command using the full Raiders _mysql

In order to ensure data security, the data needs to be backed up regularly. There are a number of ways to backup, and the effect is different. Once there is an error in the data in the database, you need to use the backed-up data for restore recovery. Thus minimizing the loss. Let's take a look at MySQL common three types of backup recovery methods: 1, using mys

MySQL Big Data backup and incremental backup and restore

Tags: sys usr object NEC traffic Roo Delta Center offThere are currently two major tools available for physical hot provisioning: Ibbackup and Xtrabackup, Ibbackup is expensive to authorize, and Xtrabackup is more powerful and open source than Ibbackup Xtrabackup provides two command-line tools: Xtrabackup: Data dedicated to backing up the InnoDB and XTRADB engines; Innobackupex: This is a Perl script that calls the Xtrabackup command during execution to implement

SQL Server Backup Restore

Tags: div from full disaster backup mode efficient way prepare failedSQL Server supports three kinds of backup methods Full backup; Differential backup Transaction log Backups The general backup method is full bac

Oracle Backup Scripts

+ the|Xargs RM-rfCumulative Export ():#!/bin/Bashbname=`Date+%y%m%d ' CD/backup/Fullbackupsu-Oracle-c"/oracle/product/11.2.0/bin/expSystem/managerfile=/backup/cumulativebackup/db$bname.dmp Log=/backup/cumulativebackup/log/log$bname.log inctype= Incremental Full=y" Tar-zcvf/backup/cumulativebackup/db$bname.dmp.Tar. gz/

Database generates scripts with frames, data, and restore databases

scripts with frames and data successfully: The correct process is as follows :1. Find the database you want to copy, right click to select Task, click Generate Script, 2, click two times next, go to the Settings scripting Options page, Click on Advanced changes, click on the "type of data to fill in the script", select the schema and data, click OK, Next Step3, the last is generated, emphasize a point, here we can set the location of the store, in

SQL Server2012 How to export SQL scripts and restore the database

Last introduced how to restore the database file through the Bak file, today to explain how to export SQL script to back up and restore the new database, but this method is more suitable for small and medium-sized database data tables, the following SQL Server2012 as an example to illustrate.A BACKUP Database1 Select a database, right-click select: task = = "Gene

Linux-based Oracle database management PART6 (backup-related scripts)

log or online redo log must be applied to the consistent state when you do a warm-up.Full recovery: Borrows the Redo log and archive log to restore the database to a consistent state.Incomplete recovery: Due to the loss of archived logs or online log files, another scenario is that the user performed an error operation and needs to revert to the previous state of the database, similar to flashbackRestore: The process of copying a

Two mysql backup scripts

(full-database) backup script. This is more interesting than the above script (a rule is followed when the backup is generated, and then logic judgment is added to the recovery script to achieve one-click recovery at any time) The full set of functions requires three scripts:,, and We know t

1026 Simple ideas for backup and restore

--Go from blog whole thinking forward and reverse--Backup ideas--Full backup mysqldump > file path--incremental backup take advantage of Linux copy mysqlbin-log files, copy those new files, then use to perform the restore operation--Recovery ideasSimilarly, you ca

How SQLServer backup and restore to cloud is simplified

convenient, flexible, and easy-to-access offline choice. Creating offline storage for your SQL Server backup is as easy as modifying your existing scripts/jobs. Offline storage is usually far away from the location of the formal database to prevent a single disaster from affecting the location of both the offline database and the formal database. You can also restore

Examples of MySQL backup and restore in Linux

Normal size Data backup restore we can use commands and scripts. 、 1. Use the command to implement the backup Database backup is important. If you do a regular backup, you can restore

Simplify SQL Server backup and restore to WindowsAzure

your SQL Server Database to the Windows Azure Blob storage service. In this version, you can back up to Windows Azure Blob Storage Using T-SQL and SMO. SQL Server Databases on an SQL Server instance or in a host environment, such as an SQL Server instance running on Windows Azure VMs, can use this function. Benefits: Flexible, reliable, and unlimited offline storage for disaster recovery: storing your backups on the Windows Azure Blob service is a convenient, flexible, and easy-to-access off

Simplify SQL Server backup and restore to cloud working principle and operation Method _mssql

In addition to hard drives and tapes, you can now use SQL Server's native backup feature to back up your SQL Server database to Windows azureblob storage service. In this release, you can use T-SQL and SMO backups to Windows Azureblob storage. This functionality can be exploited in SQL Server databases or in a hosting environment, such as an instance of SQL Servers running on Windows Azure VMS, in an instance on the server. Benefits : · Flexible, re

MySQL Backup and restore

份mysqlbinlog mysql-bin.000011 >/root/first-incremental.sql #第一次增量备份Delete data files simulate a failure restore (assuming that the binary log file used in the failure is mysql-bin.000012 and that the binary log files and data files are stored separately):Killall mysqld/usr/local/mysql/scripts/mysql_install_db--user=mysql--datadir=/mydata/data #初始化数据库service mysqld Startmysql-uroot-p 3. Back up data with the

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