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How does cc attack websites and games targeted prevention?

1:CC Attack principleCC = Challenge Collapsar, formerly known as the Fatboy Attack, is the use of constantly sending connection requests to the siteFor the purpose of forming a denial of service,A CC attack is a DDoS (distributed denial of service),

Anti-CC attack case

Name origin CC = Challenge Collapsar, formerly known as the Fatboy Attack, is the purpose of creating a denial of service by continually sending a connection request to the Web site, CC attacks are a type of DDoS (distributed denial of service)

Greenplum Installing Greenplum-cc-web Monitoring

First, greenplum cluster installation environmentA master two segment set up by a virtual machine.Second, pre-installation preparation1) Required installation packageGreenplum Monitoring installation package: Greenplum-cc-web-3.0.2-linux-x86_64.zip2)

Do not use the firewall to automatically deal with CC attack Vbs_win server

CC Attack principle CC is primarily used to attack pages. We all have such experience, that is, when visiting the forum, if this forum is relatively large, more people visit, open the page will be slower, right?! Generally speaking, the more people

Cckiller:linux Lightweight CC Attack Defense tool, second level check, auto darken and release _linux shell

Zhanggo blog A long time ago to share a CC attack defense script, write is not good, but was 51CTO accidentally reproduced. Since then, the blog has often been taken to practicing the road of not return. Of course, there are still a lot of friends

Enterprises should beware. Hot domain names such as CC are being registered

Recently, the Heilongjiang Yuquan Wine Industry limited liability company through the hard network domain name rights, take back the company's brand of Chinese Yuquan wine. CC, China Yuquan wine. COM and China Yuquan, Inc. and other three Chinese

What is a cc attack? What is the difference from DDoS?

Attack | difference For readers: DDoS researcher, major webmaster, network administratorPre-Knowledge: ASP Basic reading abilityMany friends know the barrel theory, the maximum capacity of a bucket of water is not determined by its highest place,

Open-source license agreement: GPL/lgpl/BSD/MIT/Apache/CC

More and more developers and designers want to open their own productsSource, so that others can do more on the basis of their code, the open-source community is also full of vigor. In all the application fields we can think of, there are open

NetEase cc How to Live

Want to live games or video will be selected first to become NetEase CC signing certified host, signed the certification of the following steps:  1. Why to become a certified anchor In order to standardize the management of game

Java Basics (vii) Java four access rights

Introduction?? Access in Java is not difficult to understand, but full mastery is not easy, especially 4 access rights are not available at all times. Here's a look at the circumstances under which access permissions are allowed to be

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