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G-lab Guo Director | Talking about the CCIE and the salary of the thing

I accidentally saw an article on the internet shortly before, it was about CCIE salary problem, I think it is very reasonable, so come out here to discuss with you. > Note: This view represents only Span style= "font-family: ' Microsoft Jas Black ', ' Microsoft Yahei '; line-height:25px;font-size:13pt;" > " G-lab Director Guo " Personal position, if there is a similarity, is purely coincid

Considerations when configuring OSPF experiments (CCIE-LAB)

Problems that should be paid attention to when configuring OSPF Experiment (CCIE-LAB) 1 When configuring NBMA in FR, You need to manually specify the neighbor on the center point, write the ip ospf pri 0 to ensure that the center is DR. 2. If you can PING yourself, you only need to configure your MAP on the vro. 3. There are two types of authentication: link authentication and regional authentication. The c

CCIE Security Lab Combat Learning

I. Source of information: Now CCIE Security Lab are all V4, but did not find the relevant books on the Internet, can only see the V3, honestly said that the translation of people is not very good, but did not find the corresponding English version available for downloading, can only make up to see. A.pdf Book bjura06su1iviizjyvnnlvzbkamtq

Xi ' an who knows where to have Cisco CCIE Network engineer

Xi ' an who knows where to have Cisco CCIE Network engineer"Xian Cisco CCIE Network Engineer"Xi ' An CCIE network engineer Many people choose a one-meter web engineer Lab, because we can let you learn a lot of real network engineering cases.Introduction XI ' An Cisco CCIE ne

From ccna to CCIE

--- CCNP_SWITCH_Lab_ManuaHttp:// New official lab manual of Cisco Network college --- CCNP_TSHOOT_Lab_ManualHttp:// Experiment Simulation Software GNS3Http:// Mod = viewthread tid = 46198 highlight = GNS3 GNS3 + 0.7.2 user manual pdfHttp:// Mod = viewthread tid = 47955. Download the GNS3 simulation software for IOSHttp://bbs.hh010.

China's first CCIE

The first CCIE in China was a female friend. didn't you think of it? See the following picture. This is a public introduction from Cisco Systems: Ms. Sun Hui is Cisco's technical leader at the North Asia Technical Support Center. She is mainly responsible for technical support for cases that have been upgraded to an emergency level, as well as technical support for key customers. Sun Hui is also responsible for providing technical and skill quality t

Skills for passing the CCIE exam easily

require that all the items in this question are correct, and only the score is given. If one option is incorrect, no score is obtained. You must correct all the options to get the score. Do not give up selecting multiple questions, because it will be very difficult to Pass the case. Let's look in the best direction. If we get 70 points for 100 points, we will Pass the case. You can make a mistake by 30 points. It is very easy! CCIE Routing Switching

Comparison between RHCE, MCSE and CCIE

recent TechRepublic report also found that Red Hat has opened a significant gap with other Linux companies. Therefore, the attempt to obtain the RHCE certification naturally became the MCSE test in the Linux World. Suppose you are a small fish in the pond, and this pond is ruled by another kind of fish. In this case, your best choice is to become a hacker in the fish! RHCE can rival MCSE and CCIE Just as MCSE has become the highest Windows certificat

Which is the best training for Cisco CCIE? Teng Ke

Which is the best training for Cisco CCIE? Teng ke CCNP pass rate is guaranteedwhere did CCNA go to test? Teng KE Cisco official Authorized Training organizationCCIE difficult to test it? CCIE useful? Tenco to answer your questionsShanghai CCIE Rs Training which house is good? A large analysis of the content of the preferred

CCIE Study Notes-OSPF

Labels: ospf ccie learning notes CCIE Study Notes-OSPFArea area-ID default-cost Set the default route overhead to broadcast to stub, total stub, and NSSA on the ABR or ASBR. The default value is 1. Router OSPF 1 Area 1 default-cost 10Area area-id nssa no-redistribution Connect the NSSA region to the ABR of area 0. Do not allow this ABR to publish the route re-published to this ABR to NSSA, but only to area

Learn about the CCIE Routing Protocol

Self-taught CCIE route protocol troubleshooting 01. What protocol does RIP transmit information and what mechanism is used to calculate the optimal route? RIP updates route information based on UDP port 520 using the BELLMEN-FORD algorithm. The basic principle is to follow the minimum hop count principle. Therefore, the route table path is not necessarily the optimal path. 02. In a non-broadcast environment, what commands can be used to send and recei

CCIE Learning notes----GRE over IPsec

routecodes:l-Local, c-connected, S-static, R-rip, M-mobile, B-bgpnbs P NBSP;D-EIGRP, ex-eigrp external, O-OSPF, IA-OSPF Inter area NBSP;N1-OSPF NSS A external Type 1, N2-OSPF NSSA external type 2 NBSP;E1-OSPF external type 1, E2-OSPF external Type 2 i-is-is, Su-is-is Summary, L1-is-is level-1, L2-is-is level-2 ia-is-is Inter area, *-candidate default, U-per-user static route NBSP;O-ODR, P-peri Odic downloaded static route, H-NHRP, l-lisp a-application route NBSP ; +-Replicated r

CCIE Learning Note 4---BGP prefix list; Aspath-list

Configuration Filter-listRotuer (Config-router) #Neighbor Ip-address Filter-list As-path-filter in/outUsing regular expression matching| : Represents or, | The two ends match any one[]: denotes one within the range, [1234] [1-4]. : Represents any one character [1-3]. [A]---213 and 3 spaces 3^: Indicates the start of a string$: Represents the end of a string_: Represents any delimiter (cannot represent a number)(): Represents a combination in which the result of the combination is then involved

Ender SP CCIE Preparation Video Course for iOS XR fundamental-full network unique course

650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 5.13. JPG "alt=" wkiom1nx2b6wi8bpaaloudzojjq877.jpg "/>"What skills can I learn from this course?"Through this video you can learn all the configuration of the iOS XR system for the most important device of the Cisco SP CCIE Exam and help you pass SP CCIE certification successfully. This course cover

The principle of Route redistribution in the CCIE Experiment

I. Definition of redistribution Route redistribution refers to the ability of border routers linked to different routing selection domains to exchange and advertise route selection information between different Autonomous Systems. 650) this. width = 650; "border =" 0 "alt =" "src =" "/> II. We must understand the principles of redistribution. Otherwise, problems arising from redistribution cannot be solved) 1. A vro responsible for redist

Thinking on the route control method of China-ccie IGP

Information location: the analysis can be learned that the reason for the suboptimal path is: (OSPF ad value is less than RIP) (in fact, the use of two-way redistribution, resulting in a more complex network, the generation of suboptimal path, this thing really no other way to use.) )Since router R1 in the RIP Zone distributes the external route into the RIP, R2 again distributes 100.1

CCIE Learning Notes----BGP

processing, When sending, check the As_path, if you have the as number and the peer as number, then change to their as number. as_pathip as-path access-list 1 Permit _2$ Allow source to route IP as-path access-list 2 Permit ^2$ Federation (Federation): 64512-6553 5BGP Confederation identifier as BGP Confederation Peer0 as number community attribute Local-as only one asno-advertise pass No-export Transmit only one public as requires neighbor BGP neighbor address send-community Mate aa:nn Pass

CCIE Study notes 5---IPV6

:609px;height:241px; "alt=" Wkiol1bvrxcbxo-xaaalwupei_k660.jpg "/>Any anycast does not have a dedicated address segment, which is used in unicast addresses (aggregatable global unicast, local site address, unique site address)650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 3333. JPG "width=" "height=" 364 "border=" 0 "hspace=" 0 "vspace=" 0 "style=" width:600px;height:364px; "alt=" Wkiol1bvr16cgh7kaacnu3hciwe860.jpg "/>650) this.width=

CCIE Study Notes-on-premise

CCIE Study NotesTo declare a default route to the OSPF domain: 1. Use ipdefault-network: 650) This. width = 650; "src =" "Title =" image001.png "alt =" wkiol1pq4noq6yakaadtetgziec877.jpg "/> Key configurations of R2: IP Route null 0 // create a primary network in the routing table Router VPN 1 Network2.0.0.0 // declare the primary network Ipdefault-network

20135333 su Zhengsheng lab 2 lab report

Lab report Course: Java programming Class: 1353 Name: Su Zhengsheng Student ID: 2015333 Score: INSTRUCTOR: Lou Jiapu Lab Date: 2015.5.6 Lab confidentiality level: Preview level: Lab time: ~ 5: 00 Instrument group: Required/

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