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{} How to post information on a business-to-business site

Publishing information on the business-to-market site allows users to browse the enterprise shop to understand the enterprise and product information, improve the coverage of information, so as to promote the product, to build the effect of the brand. Now there are a lot of business platform, and most of them can have free enterprise stores, free to publish suppl

Business-to-business site has included no traffic to find SEO diagnostic help

Our company has a nearly two-year operation of the Business-to-business Web site, currently included nearly 20,000, every day there are a large number of pages are included, but the site has been no traffic, the poor flow of less, for this issue every time the boss will ask what is the reason? We have a big head, we re

"Classic must read" Web site architecture Evolution process, the Electronic business site upgrade dozen blame __web

"Classic must read" Web site architecture Evolution process, the Electronic business site upgrade hit the blame Preface We take javaweb as an example to build a simple electrical business system to see how the system can evolve step by step. The function of the system: User module: User registration and management

The difference between a business website and a personal site

Since beginning to write this series, Hui Jian found a problem, many people have a misunderstanding, often take the idea of operating a personal site is to do business sites, then this article to talk about the difference between commercial and personal sites: We notice, we will find that, to date, the vast majority of the real big Web site or commercial sites, t

Blog site-How to take their own business opportunities?

plan for the blogging market: Blogging sites offer two ways of communicating, where audiences can express their views directly or indirectly about business. In 2004, venture capital invested 33 million dollars in blogging-related businesses, a significant increase from 8 million dollars in 2003. How to commercialize a blog site The advantage of the blog site is

Business Web site Design Strategy

web| Strategy | design | Site believe that a large number of people know that many of our domestic web site design projects have a feature, that is the design and production confused. The so-called design site, is simply the customer to the data graphics, regardless of any other factors, such as whether the site to ach

Product page Design theory of the Business-to-consumer Web site: Recommended design for related products

Article Description: How do I design related product recommendations on the Product Details page of the Business-to-consumer website? Why do related product recommendation? The details of the product are the islands that may have dug gold, as we all know. So we make a variety of moves, finally let users come to the Product Details page. We quietly read the Devil's mantra, so that users immediately to point to the most eye-catching "add t

Translation: Using ASP. NET MVC 4, EF, Knockoutjs and Bootstrap design and development Site-6-business logic

and can learn something.If you have any questions welcome to the discussion, thank you.How to use codeFrom here you can download the script for the database:Application_db.sqlTo run the program in VS, you need to enable allow NuGet to download missing packages during build,Or take a look at the link description below.Http://, modify the database connection string in your Application.web project.Resources http:/

Novice development Small Business site, with that framework appropriate?

General Small Business site, structure comparison simple home page List page content page The list page can also be divided into a list of picture list articles Content page also only has three kinds of picture detail article content and directly is the content does not have the superior directory like about Us Ask: What is the appropriate frame to use? To be simple, suitable for the novice Rep

See the PHP Business site source code how to do

See the PHP Business site source code how to do

Business site design need to know

Design | Site Successful commercial site, must be able to put the site's business needs, internet technology and the site's art design is well integrated together. Therefore, the establishment of a commercial web site, both need to have Internet technology application developers, but also need to have the company's

Technical framework of E-business web site

A design principle the overall structure design of e-commerce platform should ensure the overall goal of the whole e-commerce platform from the aspects of system, function, information and process, in order to improve the market competition ability. The design of the overall structure should consider the following design principles: Rapid Response Principle: the opportunity is fleeting, the website should be able to respond quickly. On the one hand need to be able to update the content of the

Case Analysis: Selling Point business site optimization strategy

I will be the company's website SEO work is divided into two aspects, one is the station adjustment and optimization, and the other is outside the station optimization is what we call seo-search engine optimization. In-Station optimization Site optimization for the purpose of two, one is to enable search engines to better and more quickly browse our website, for search engine rankings to provide a most essential basis. Second, in order to improve th

Four simple steps to do business site keyword selection

, keywords, and so on. Analyze keywords used by competitors. To their own brand keywords, the creation of their own corporate site keywords. Of course, we should not copy the key words of competitors. Because competitors in these keywords already have a certain advantage, if you copy will only give yourself more work.   Two: Brainstorming their own corporate site keywords This method requires you to have

Guangxi TV station to interview this site video: personal website not easy to start a business

site and then I can do nothing else." Although he is now very relaxed, built a station for more than 3 years, the middle of how many hardships only their most clear. At the beginning of the site is still a personal interest, at that time work more leisurely, almost all the time on the personal site. "Arisisi webmaster Zeng: 8 Hours of work is basically in the s

Electric Business district SEO Competition site optimization of the five major points of attention

: JavaScript navigation Because the electric circle competition is to learn SEO friends to participate, but also uncommon some novice, so in JavaScript navigation need attention, because now spiders can not crawl the content of these things, if you use JavaScript navigation so see after the change! Three: Too Much flash According to observe this game and no contestant site use Flash, there should be a number of reasons, first, we all have a little

thinkphp multiple applications, such as a system with Web, micro-site, and external interface, how to common business logic?

The thinkphp framework currently in use is web, micro-site, and interface with third-party collaboration. How does the thinkphp framework support a common set of business logic codes for multiple applications? or other solutions. Is there a PHP framework that can directly support such architectures Reply content: The thinkphp framework currently in use is web, micro-

Mobile site hit business pass no trajectory solution

Mobile Site Click the Business Advisory button is a lot of times will appear in the background can not count the visitor's browsing trajectory situation, this situation is because some mobile browsers open a new page does not pass the route address information caused by the page. Here's a way to solve this situation:The code is as follows: The default way to open the B

How Baidu maps refer to your site and display information about your business on the map

Step One:Open the following address: Step Two: locating the center pointOn the left side of the page that opens, enter the enterprise's detailed address, and then click Find to display the exact location of the enterprise in the map on the right.Step Three: set up a mapThe main is to set the size of the map, others by default, such as the size of the map we want to call the width of 600 pixels, height of 500 pixels step four: add callout

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