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ASP. NET security questions-Forms authentication (later)-Practice

ASP. NET security question-forms verification practice Through previous articlesArticleI believe that you have a certain understanding of forms verification and understand the concepts of identity, iprincipal, and Bill. The previous website has not linked verification with the database. This article will explain from this aspect, usingCodeTo demonstrate! In addition, some role authorization issues are als

20145301 Zhao Jiaxin "Cyber Confrontation" EXP9 Web Security Foundation Practice

20145301 Zhao Jiaxin "Cyber Confrontation" EXP9 Web Security Fundamentals Practice Experiment Answer questions (1) SQL injection attack principle, how to defend SQL injection attack principle: SQL is an ANSI standard computer language used to access and manipulate database systems. SQL statements are used to retrieve and update data in the database. SQL

20145326 Cai "Cyber Confrontation"--web Security Foundation Practice

20145326 Cai "Cyber confrontation"--web Security Fundamentals Practice 1. Answer questions after the experiment(1) SQL injection attack principle, how to defend.Principle: The SQL injection attack refers to the introduction of a special input as a parameter to the Web application, which is mostly a combination of SQL syntax, the execution of SQL statemen

20145225 Tang Web Security Foundation practice of "cyber confrontation"

20145225 Tang "Cyber confrontation" Web Security Basics Practice Reference Blog: 20145215 Luchomin basic question Answer(1) SQL injection attack principle, how to defend? A SQL injection attack is the goal of tricking a server into executing a malicious SQL command by inserting a SQL command into a Web form to submit or entering a query string for a domain name or page request. Defense: Use inp

20145237 "Network attack and Defense" Web Security Foundation Practice

Basic questions answer the principle of SQL injection attack, how to defend:Some programmers in the writing code, the user does not judge the legality of input data, hackers use this bug in the data input area maliciously fill in the script, when the data is sent back to the background, the hacker fills in the script statement is run, so that the hacker can do the background cooked to operate;When writing code, programmers must remember to judge the l

20155331 Web Security Foundation practice of cyber confrontation

user's permission to have the strict distinction.2, forcing the use of parameterized statements.3, strengthen the validation of user input.4. Use the security parameters that are available from the SQL Server database.5, if necessary, use professional vulnerability scanning Tool to find the point that may be attacked.What is the principle of XSS attack and how to defend it? Attack principle:For cross-site scripting attacks, XSS attacks are similar to

EXP9 Web Security basic practice of "cyber confrontation" 201453331 Wei

201453331 Wei Web Security Fundamentals Practice I. Experimental process 1, webgoat Open2, injection flaws practiceCommand InjectionThe original page did not inject the place, then use Burpsuite (set the relevant steps other people's blog written very detailed, not tired of), analyze the first package to see his data submitted location, found after the injection of command, success. I injected the command i

20145235 Li Tao "cyber Confrontation" EXP9 Web Security Foundation Practice

script in the user's browser to obtain information such as its cookie. Instead, CSRF is borrowing the user's identity to send a request to Web server because the request is not intended by the user, so it is called "cross-site request forgery". For the defense of CSRF can also start from the following aspects: through the Referer, token or verification code to detect user submissions; Try not to expose the user's privacy information in the link of the page, for the user to modify the dele

20145234 Huangfei "network countermeasure technology" Experiment ix, Web security Basic Practice

XSS attack, how to Defend Principle: The main purpose of XSS attack is to find a way to obtain the target attack website cookie, because the cookie is equivalent to seesion, with this information can be in any PC can access the Internet access to the website, and the other People's Health landing, do some damage. Defense: When a malicious code value is displayed as the content of a tag: HTML tags and some special characters (" When malicious code is displayed a

Two security questions about UNIX Networks

Two security questions about UNIX Networks In recent years, many articles have successively introduced a so-called Secure UNIX shutdown user. The main idea is to add the/etc/shutdown command or the/etc/haltsys command at the end of the/etc/passwd file or the/etc/shadow file to replace/bin. /SH command. In this way, even if someone knows the password of the shutdown user (or does not set the password of the

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