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CCNP Study Notes 4-route part-route control

CCNP Study Notes 4-route part-route control◆ Passive-interface-can be used in rip ospf. In rip, there are two network commands in the Process of ospf, which only receive and not send packets. In the process of ospf, there are two network commands: 1, advertise the route of t

CCNP Study Notes 2-routing part-VPN

CCNP Study Notes 2-routing part-VPNReview the dynamic protocol: rip vpn ospf encapsulation UDP 520 IP 88 IP 89 update address use passive to implement intercommunication between the two ends of unicast neighbor and the output interface to implement unicast NBMA point to multicast unicast key complete neighbor update methods, timing 30 seconds 15% offset, trigger incremental


a full mesh of IBGP peers in each system. Peer R1 and R2 using loopback address, not their directly connected interfaces. Advertise all loopback interfaces to the BGP process, except on R2, where the only loopback advertised should is LOOPBAC K 2. On R2, create a static summary route for the rest of it loopback interfaces nad advertise this static route in BGP. R4 should send a summary

Oracle Study Notes (4) ------------ learning route Summary

Oracle Study Notes (4) ------------ learning route Summary It was a little difficult to learn Oracle, so I found some learning routes on the Internet to learn regularly, which is more efficient and shared with you. Concepts|New Features_________________|_______________| |Developer DBAApplication Backup RecoveryDev Guide(Fundamentals) Concepts| |PL/SQL User

How to learn Unity3d-unity3d study route advice

#,javascript,boo three scripting language development, you can choose one of them. Learning routes can also be selected according to the actual situation. Learning Route 1: 1. Manual manual first part read through, and familiar with Unity3d environment (half day) 2. Read through the overview section of the Manual Scripting Guide (half day) 3. Official Website Example st

MongoDB Authoritative Guide Second Edition study note--mongodb Introduction

independent permissions. Different databases are placed in different files. namingThe database will eventually become a file in the file system, the database name is the corresponding file name, so there are many restrictions on naming. The database is identified by name. can be any utf-8 string, except for the following special cases: cannot be an empty string (“”) must not contain/,\,.,’’,*,,>,:,|,?,$(a space),(NULL character). Basically, you can only useASCIIthe letters and numbers in

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