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CCNP Learning Note 3-routing section--OSPF

!! ############################################################################################################# OSPF Package Type ####################HELLO establishing and maintaining a neighbor Relationship network type decision 10 seconds or 30 secondsThe header message of the DBD LSA 6 messages 3 differentiates whether the same LSA. ; 3 Whether the difference is the newest LSALSA type, advertisement router, Link-id; ordinal time-of-life checksumLink-state request is also an LSA header messa

CCNP-IPSec VPN experiment case

(config) # crypto map ccnp 1 ipsec-isamapGW1 (config-crypto) # match add 101 // traffic from VLAN3 to VLAN4GW1 (config-crypto) # set peer // destination GatewayGW1 (config-crypto) # set transform-set sovand // call the encryption algorithm GW1 (config) # int s0/1GW1 (config-if) # crypto map ccnp // interface call MAP GW1 (config) # crypto map ccnp 2 ip

CCNP Boson NetSim7.06 cracked version installation

List of files in the download package:Dotnetfx1.1chs.exe ..... ......... Microsoft. Net Framework 1.1 Simplified Chinese versionAdberdr812_zh_cn.exe ....... Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.12 Simplified Chinese versionCcnp_netsim7.02.exe ..... ......... Boson NetSim for CCNP 7.02 English version (note: The latest is version 7.06, but cannot be cracked)Boson NetSim for CCNP 7.06.RAR ...... This is the latest version

Aurora Push Jpush (v3) server PHP version integration (V3 version only calls the Push API)

Because of the version upgrade, the Aurora Push API also has the V3, the function is also richer, but for our users, we still need to call the push API just enough.Downloaded a PHP Server SDK (:, and then I saw ... We just need to push, study this, spend a little too long! So on the internet collected to see if there is a class to integrate a call, this special thanks to the dodobook of a buddy son, refer to his

Cisco Learning Note CCNP-OSPF

via IP multicastElecting DR and BDR (selection method of selected DRBDR)Highest OSPF PriorityHighest Router IDOSPF Router-id Elections:Manual designationLoopback address Max (active)Maximum physical interface address (active)Rid does not preemptRouter restartProcess restart clear IP OSPF processDr Election rules:Do not preempt30s election timethan timethan the priority levelHighest than RIDWhen Dr fails, BDR becomes DR, electing a new BDRChoose BDR First and select DrNeighbor Neighbors 2wayAdja

System Learning Deep Learning--googlenetv1,v2,v3 "Incepetion v1-v3"

excellent.googlenet Inception V2V2 put forward the introduction of bn,, in addition, the reverse conduction of bn: 4270f5acc066.softmax Gradient calculation: Inception V3Googlenet, with its excellent performance, has been studied and used by many researchers, so the Google team has further explored it, resulting in an upgraded version of Googlenet

CCNP RS Routing switching Direction (intermediate) Teng Ke

CCNP rs Routing switching Direction corresponding Certificate Cisco Certified Senior Network Engineer-CCNP (Cisco Certified Networks Professional) Certification Prerequisites effective CCNA Routing and authentication or any valid CCIE authentication Suitable for people interested in the network industry and have CCNA basic knowledge of the crowd; intends to obtain CCNP

Cisco simulator (boson netsim for ccnp) 7.02

Recently, I searched for the Cisco simulator on the Internet and found that many netsim 7.0 for ccnp attack patches and replacement files are available for download. Therefore, I cannot download them urgently. The result is:1. download the latest version of boson: 7.06 and 7.02 is hard to find;2. Replace the file with 7.02.3. Although the patch is declared to be used only in version 7.02, the application of the patch in version 7.02 is not normal af

Ccnp OSPF test on the fourth day (1)

OSPF comprehensive experiment (1) This experiment mainly describes multiple methods of working on OSPF interfaces. Lab: The topology used is the ccnp Standard Edition ,: Certificate ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Full-Network Access Since frame relay is fully enabled and fully connected by default in ccnp

CCNP experiment: using a tunnel to expand the frame relay switch simulated by the router

[Experimental environment] C3640-IK9O3S-M Version 12.4 (10) [Tutorial Objective] Lie's Fire Network The tunnel technology is used to expand the frame relay switch simulated by the router to make up for the insufficient frame relay interface caused by limited router interfaces. Lie-fire-network [Experiment topology] [Experiment description] In the experimental environment, because frame relay switches are expensive, we use routers to sim

[Ccnp] routing policy: Manage distance control routing (sub-optimal path)

, check whether the loose to R4 is normal on R1. R1 # clear IP route * R1 # Show IP Route ...... is subnetted, 1 subnets C is directly connected, loopback0 is subnetted, 1 subnets O E2 [110/20] via, 00:00:01, fastethernet0/0 [110/20] via, 00:00:01, fastethernet0/1 is subnetted, 4 subnets C is directly connected, fastethernet0/0 C is directly connected, fastethernet0/1 O E2 [110/20] via 10.

CCNP Study Notes 4-route part-route control

CCNP Study Notes 4-route part-route control◆ Passive-interface-can be used in rip ospf. In rip, there are two network commands in the Process of ospf, which only receive and not send packets. In the process of ospf, there are two network commands: 1, advertise the route of the network address segment. The mask length is determined by the interface configuration, not the network. For example, network 0.0.255 declares the route of,

CCNP Learning note 7-routing Section--OSPF comprehensive question 2 RIPNo autoNET most secure way to validate is to verify that the R3 can accept R1 routes, and R1 does not accept R3 routesR1:Key Chani TestKey 1Key-string Ciscoint f0/0IP RIP auten mode MD5IP RIP authen key-chain testSho IP roR3:Ken Chani TestKey 2Key-string CiscoSho IP roRIP MD5 Verification principle: Key-id from the top to the next match, if the other side of the key file and their own does not match, it key-id+1 until the same password, if the othe

CCNP Study notes----VRRP (industry standard)

The same principle as HSRP, two physical devices virtual one IP and MacDifferences from HSRP:1, roleHSRP Active/standbyVRRP Master/backup2, virtual addressHSRP cannot be a virtual network address that already existsVRRP can be a virtual network already exists address3,Hello packet intervalHSRP master ready to send hello; address; interval 3s timeout 10sVRRP only Master sends helloInterval 1s timeout 3sMulticast address, shootout modeHSRP Manual OpenVRRP is turned on by defa

CCNP Study Note 21--GLBP (Cisco private)

previously assigned by him does not retract, but instead forwards the data by another AVF (that is, instead of the device responsible for 2 virtual Mac forwarding data)Differentiate between AVG and AVF. AVG uses priority control. AVF using weighting value controlwhen the AVF's uplink interface is down , use track to find also set the weigh value for forwarding invalidation and the weight value for forwarding recoveryTrack 1 int E0/1 Line-protocolint E0/1GLBP 1 Weighting track 1 decrement 20GLBP

CCNP Learning Note 14-Exchange Part---STP

each link)4,blok the rest of the mouthRoot Bridge election:Based on bridge ID (preferably small) Bride Priority 2byte MAC Address 5byte Cisco Bridge ID Bridge Priority 4bit Range 0-15 default =8 Extend SystemID 12bit differentiate VLAN 48bit MAC The above structure priority is variable but the VLAN number can not be changed, so the whole is increased by 4,096 times times 2~12=4096, because bride the default = 8, all of the def


a full mesh of IBGP peers in each system. Peer R1 and R2 using loopback address, not their directly connected interfaces. Advertise all loopback interfaces to the BGP process, except on R2, where the only loopback advertised should is LOOPBAC K 2. On R2, create a static summary route for the rest of it loopback interfaces nad advertise this static route in BGP. R4 should send a summary route to ITA representing all the R4 loopback interfaces. R4 should prefer the path to ITA networks

Cisco Learning Note Ccnp-rip

authenticationMD5 Certification principles:1. Sending the minimum key ID keys2. The number that carries the key ID3. The receiver first looks for the same key ID, if any, matches only once, determines whether it succeedsIf there is no key ID, only one hop down is found, and if it matches, the authentication succeeds; if it does not match, the authentication failsRIP v2 Support Auto-summarizationRip issued default route (5 kinds)1. Method one. Default-information originate---------------recommen

Ccnp, third-day Comprehensive Test of the kernel Kernel

Lab question: R2 is connected to R3 R5 as a fast Ethernet cable, and the others are strings. Frame relay is a full-connection mesh structure by default, that is, the PVC between all connected routes has been connected, and all Disable the reverse ARP functions of R5 and R8 to manually configure the map from R5 to R8. The topology used in this experiment is the ccnp standard topology, as shown below: Certificate -------------------------------------

Yeslab October July 12, instructor Chen ccna + ccnp real machine rack Practical Course

Yeslab October July 12, instructor Chen ccna + ccnp real machine rack Practical Course Ccna is an entry-level course in the network industry. In order to give students a good understanding of the network, yeslab provides the real Equipment Rack. The students build the topology and complete the configuration to create a real network for the students, in short, as long as the students want to learn, yeslab is not stingy The

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