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Learn about the development environment of CC3200 (1) CCS chapter

Learn the CC3200 togetherIntroduction to the development environment (1) CCS chapterTom CruiseOrder:Limited ability, inevitably wrong, there is a problem please contact me, please leave a message or e-mail contactQQ Group Exchange: 482729453 mail contact [email protected]Data sharing link 20151215Learn the CC3200 together 2Introduction to the development environment (1) CCS

Ti-rtos configuration completed under CCS v6.1

include only the parts that are required through Ti-rtos. Use Ti-rtos 1.10 on Tivaware. The stellarisware of the , the software is a rich software designed to simplify and speed up the development of Stellaris-based microcontroller applications. The component is rebuilt to include only the parts that are required through Ti-rtos. The stellarisware is used for Ti-rtos 1.01 and earlier versions. UIA, the Unified Instrumentation architecture provides the target content that helps create and cap

How to view the program running clock period in CCS

1. Enter the CCS environment, load the existing project, load the generated. Out file, and find the code to view the code execution cycle. 1.Figure 1 1. Select enable clock in profiler of the CCS menu ,.Figure 2 2. select the clock setup sub-menu under the profiler menu, and enter your DSP clock cycle in instruction cycle. The unit is nanoseconds. For example, 2407 of the system clock is 40 MHz, you should

CMD command file in CCS

The professional name of CMD is the linker configuration file, which stores the configuration information of the linker. We call it a command file for short. The key is the use of memory and seory pseudocommands, which is often confusing, system problems are often related to their improper use. I will focus on them. CCS is a development environment inherited from DSP software in the DOS system. The command file of

How to view the feedback of the compiler and the feedback of the CCS Compiler

How to view the feedback of the compiler and the feedback of the CCS Compiler In real-time DSP engineering, careful optimization is often required. In order to facilitate developers to quickly locate the functions to be optimized, CCS provides the feedback function. The following describes how to use this function. The compiler is CCS v3.3. 1. Click Project --

Quick 3.3 Final load change of CCS

1, with self._topuiwidget = CCS. Guireader:getinstance (): Widgetfromjsonfile ("Maptopui.json") is still used in the previous C + + set, the time mechanism and the existing quick incompatible.So we have to useLocal node = cc.uiloader:load ("Testpanel.json")Self:addchild (node,0)The button's listening Addtoucheventlistener is no longer available.In exchange forLocal button = Cc.uiloader:seekNodeByName (self, "button")button:onbuttonclicked (function (e

(Multi-core DSP QuickStart) 0. Preface the installation of +ccs

Original articleReprint please register source HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/TOSTQObjectiverecently the teacher assigned a homework, let me use multi-core DSP to do a RANSAC image registration based on SIFT, Sift+ransac online have a lot of code, not difficult, but multi-core DSP for me, is completely blank, not only single-core DSP has not touched, Even CCS is useless. The online tutorial on DSP Although a lot of, but the vast majority of the single-core, and

OpenSSL exposes the CCS injection vulnerability again.

It's a drama. I saw a movie with an appointment last night. It's not bad. In the 2012 version of "perfect memories", people like me still choose to watch movies on TV or in the cinema. When there are no intermediate advertisements, there are always a lot of things that you can think about when you try to urgency. This is something you don't know when you watch a movie on your computer or mobile phone. After reading the video, I have been watching the "hacker Empire" at. I suddenly want to watch

Add the path to the CCS header file

When a header file is added to a project, it is sometimes impossible to locate the header file while running CCS, because the header file path added is inconsistent with the CCS default path, causing the project to not find the required header file. The workaround is to add the header file path to the Project: Menu select "Project", "Build Options", pop up the "Build Options" menu, click "Preprocessor" in

. Gel file in CCS

The CCS gel language is an interactive command that is interpreted and executed, that is, it cannot be compiled into executable files. It is used to extend the functions of CCS studio. You can use gel to call some menu commands and initialize and configure DSP Memory. For different types of DSPs, we should select the corresponding gel file. When CCS studio is sta

Problem with compilation after new installation of CCS: Gmake:no rule to do target clean

Learn the CC3200 togetherCCS installation Issues 1Tom CruiseOrder:Limited ability, inevitably wrong, there is a problem please contact me, please leave a message or e-mail contactQQ Group exchange: 482729453?? Email contact [email protected]?Data sharing link is after me. CCS is 6.1.1, and different versions may not be the same. Problem: Problem with compilation after new installation of

Objective 335 project development record 5_28335-Basics of CCS Programming

Tags: 28335 CCS The CCS development environment has encapsulated the structures of many in-chip peripheral registers for us. We only need to include the corresponding official header files for use, how is it implemented internally? The following is a typical example: 1. Use struct and Consortium A. use struct to define the role of a bit domain: There is a section in dsp2833x_sci.h: struct SCI

DSP: CCS V6 uses the printf function, ccstms320f2812

DSP: CCS V6 uses the printf function, ccstms320f2812 Use Code Composer Studio Version: to create the 2017121.000 project. 1/* 2 * main. c3 */4 # include I have added the printf function and want to test it. Then, an error occurs during compilation. 1 # 10099-D For more information, adjust the size of-stack and-heap, and select rts2800_ml.lib instead of rts2800.lib. However, the modified-stack and-heap are invalid. Changing the Pr

Form framework set and CCS 20140916

target page is displayed in the hyperlink Step 1: Set the name attribute for the target frame to be displayed. Step 2: Assign the target attribute of the hyperlink to the first step to set the name attribute 6) How to redirect the entire frameset page to a page: Set the target attribute of the hyperlink to "_ top" 7) how to prevent the scroll bar from appearing in the frame: Set the scrolling attribute of the frame to No. 2. IFRAMEIn the original HTML page, a small window is embedded to display

CCS Example---Width free button, picture swap

. Btn1{display:inline-block; Background:url (./sina_gray_btn.png) no-repeat left top; padding-left:3px; Color: #000; font-size:12px; Text-decoration:none;} . btn1 cite{display:block; line-height:26px; padding:0 13px 0 10px; Background:url (./sina_gray_btn.png) No-repeat right top;} . btn1:hover{background-position:0px-28px} . Btn1 cite:hover{background-position:0px-28px} CCS Example---width free button, swap

CCS bug 8: An error occurred while browsing the operation history of setting the excellent posts.

Symptom: on the "operation history" page of the post with the essence posts set, the "utility_moderatexceptions_20" resource cannot be found. (You may also have utility_moderatexceptions_21 to cancel the essence) Cause: CCS adds excellent features but does not add corresponding Forum Management Operation enumeration values and localized string resources. Solution: Add valuepost = 20 and unvaluepost = 21 to components/enumerations/moderationenums.

CCS various Centers

achieve vertical centerIf the parent element height is known, you can use this method to center the child elements in it horizontally vertically, and you do not have to know the width or height of the child elements.This method is only valid for IE6 and IE7.The main point of this method is to set a proper font-size value for the parent element, which is the value of the parent element's height divided by 1.14, and the child element must be an inline or inline-block element, plus vertical-align:

Beautiful imprints of time flow-open-source engineering CCS (Compute Cell System)

. Tool class: Junit4.7 testing framework Maven project management tools Project Summary: The primary and secondary goals are achieved. Disadvantages: to use the CCS system to solve the N * N lattice problem, you need to configure the startup parameters, the format must be required, and the processing capability for non-rule configuration is insufficient; if N is larger, for example, 27,28 or greater, the operation takes longer and the result consumes

Summary on flash burning of DSP programs of different models and CCS versions

1. PostgreSQL and PostgreSQL:Using the flash burn plug-in CCS, it is easy to burn and write.No special programming is required. You only need to input the. Out file. 2. tms320c5xYou need to manually write the bootloader program and Flash program, which is a little troublesome.Use CCS to load the Flash program, run it, and write it into flash. 3. TMS320C62XX (except c6211) It is very troublesome to manually

Options of the CCS linker

Functions and processes of a CCS linker The assembler has added the source file (. ASM) is converted to the machine language target file (. (OBJ file), that is, the coff file, the main task of the connector is based on the connection command or connection command file (. CMD) connects one or more coff target files to generate a memory image file (. map) and executable output files (. out file), that is, the coff target module. The link process is as

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