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Unable to set CD drive bit hard drive boot, make dual Drive dual system boot Menu

The first two days to replace the CD-ROM drive, tossing a long time to fix the dual system, here Memo:The optical drive is broken, and there is a hard drive that was previously removed from the notebook and is going to be mounted on the drive:My notebook is Sony, that need to install to the

Mass production teach you how to make the U disk into a CD-ROM, after the installation can do not bring a CD and optical drive 0

English letter X, No problem ). Manufacturer: enter your U disk vendor. I copied it from chipgenius. Enter apacer and write USB flash drive. Select "Auto Detect ". This is because you manually enter the correct information. The following pattern, select 21 (meaning: Make the U disk into a CD-ROM and a removable disk ).* Note: in fact, the mode field is required. Customer Information: It is recommended that

USB flash drive, mobile hard disk inserted into the CD-ROM or CD-ROM why a card on the crash of the correct reason for analysis _ Application skills

A friend asked why the CD-ROM disc will appear card dead phenomenon, in fact, did not panic, just because of the poor quality of the CD-ROM or optical drive laser aging caused by. When the optical drive to read some of the optical disk is not clear areas, the need to repeat the attempt to adjust the position of the bal

How to set the BIOS to boot from the CD drive: BIOS setup USB disk or CD Boot video tutorial

BIOS setup in our installation system or overclocking computer applications are often encountered, the current installation system whether the computer city or computer enthusiasts are also most of the USB disk or optical drive to install, and then this article will introduce how to BIOS Setup CD-ROM and BIOS setup u disk boot. In order to facilitate the intuitive understanding of the method, we edited spec

What to do if your computer hard drive is not recognized

hardware damage of these hard disks, generally cannot recover data by software, I suggest to encounter the above problems when the laptop closed to professional data Recovery Center. It is best to check the recovery mechanism in advance, need to have their own recovery characteristics, recovery efficiency, there must be a professional dust-free studio and advanced data Recovery technician. Like Shanghai Day Shield Data Recovery Center Such a more professional recovery center repair hard disk re

What to do if a removable hard drive is not recognized by the system

Solutions for mobile hard drives that are not recognized by the system: Method One: System-related Setup problems 1. Do not think that as long as the motherboard has a USB connector can use the mobile hard disk, but also depends on the system support. Windows2000, Windows XP and the above version of the system can directly support the mobile hard drive, no need to install the driver can be used, while the

[Drive-free wireless network card] when I open the CD drive of the network card on my computer, the system prompts "the disc may be damaged "?

Introduction to the problem Using the non-drive version of the wireless network card, open the network card virtual disc drive,XP system prompts Windows cannot read from disk. This disk may be corrupted, or the format used is incompatible with Windows. The following figure: Win7 system prompts the disc may be corrupted. Make sure that the disc uses a format that is

How to handle a hard drive that is not recognized by your computer

recognized. We can see through the eyes of the circuit board whether there is a chip burned, with ears carefully listen to the start of the abnormal sound and other ways to judge. In some cases, the hard drive cannot be self-checked to the hard drive due to a partial burn in the circuit board. In some cases, the hard drive

What if the optical drive is not recognized by Win7?

Reason Analysis: The problem may be caused by an incorrect key value in the registry. Ultimate Solution: Tip: There is a risk of modifying the registry, please proceed with caution. 1. Press Win+r key, enter Regedt32.exe, press ENTER, open Registry Editor; 2. Locate the following key values: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--SYSTEM--CURRENTCONTROLSET--CONTROL--CLASS--{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} 3. Locate and delete UpperFilters and lowerfilters in the right box (find UpperFilters and lowerfi

CD-ROM drive troubleshooting confluence

from the disk, or the CD-ROM device connection port from the IDE1 interface to the IDE2 interface, so that the Windows system can automatically find hardware changes, So that the physical optical drive can be automatically recognized. If the above fault can not be solved successfully, we only have to reinstall the computer system. 3) to solve the optical

Use a USB flash drive instead of a CD drive to install UbuntuLinux

disk and U disk capacity, the storage of tens of GB disks with a high price of 100 or 200 yuan is getting more and more like a chicken ribs. During the last communication exhibition, I saw a "DVD" Home player directly connected to the network. Will a blu-ray DVD be used in the home environment in the future? Is there high-speed broadband and large-capacity removable hard disks, or is it directly equipped with HDPC, but you still need to spend the best effort to buy high-price discs? It's incred

------kernel modules that need to be recognized in Linux-based production drive processes

Change of Ⅰ and driveLinux kernel source version before 2.4, the driver is to directly define a Xx.ko, and then the Linux system insmod this personality module can be loaded into the kernel, you can drive their own code, only one: driver. CLinux kernel version after 2.6, an advanced Linux model was introduced:1. Linux Device bus---------------------------------------------------| || |2, equipment 3, driveⅡ, (. ko)----------

Why does the hard drive and the CD drive get together Error

Q: I installed a couple of hard drives a few days ago I loaded two hard drives onto an IDE line, and the hard drive was not recognized. Later, the main disk and CD-ROM installed together, found the hard drive and optical drive, but there has been "chassis intrusion Warning",

Disable automatic operation of Cd, USB flash drive, mobile hard drive, and other devices

In the XP system, if you insert a mobile device, such as a USB flash drive or a mobile hard disk, the system will automatically search for media files and play back the files. If you want to disable the automatic playback function of Windows XP at one time, follow these steps: 1. Click Start> Run. In the open box, type gpedit. MSC and click OK to open the Group Policy window; 2. In the left pane, under "Local Computer Policy", expand "Computer Confi

What if the optical drive is not recognized by the Win7 system?

Tip: There is a risk of modifying the registry, please proceed with caution.   The first step, press win+r key, input Regedt32.exe, press ENTER, open Registry Editor;   In the second step, locate the following key values: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE--SYSTEM--CURRENTCONTROLSET--CONTROL--CLASS--{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}   In the third step , locate and delete UpperFilters and lowerfilters in the box to the right (look for UpperFilters and lowerfilters in the box shown in the following

Solution to the problem of CD-ROM drive inability to read disk

One, all discs cannot be read : All discs placed in the optical drive are not readable 1-1. Whether there is a letter in the system : Open the Computer window to see if there is an optical drive letter icon 1-1-1, there's a letter in the system. : Opens the Computer window, inside can see the optical drive letter 1-1-1-1, re-identify the optical

The system cannot find the CD-ROM drive solution _ Hardware Maintenance

Remember to speed up the boot, disable the floppy drive, reopen in the CMOS, the floppy drive is there, but the optical drive is not the same. In the CMOS see the motherboard detects the CD optical drive, I think that must be a system of problems, to the Internet to check th

Installation Windows7 A true workaround for missing required CD/DVD drive device drivers

2011-11-02 09:54USB flash drive to laptop/desktop installation Windows7 a real solution to missing required CD/DVD driver device driversThe ultimate solution for missing required CD/DVD drive device drivers for laptop/desktop installation with USB drive Windows7Now the insta

How to determine whether the optical drive is a CD or a DVD?

// 0: Unknown // file_device_cd_rom: CD-ROM // file_device_dvd: DVD-ROM function getcdtype (drive: Char): device_type; const size = 2048; var hdrive: thandle; dwbytesreturned: DWORD; bmediatypes: array [0 .. size-1] of byte; rmediatypes: tgetmediatypes absolute bmediatypes; begin result: = 0; hdrive: = createfile (pchar ('\\. \ '+ drive +': '), generi

When you reinstall win7, the system prompts "the required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing"

Windows 7 system is installed by loading a Windows 7 PE system to guide the installation. The PE system is the Windows 7 kernel, and we use a USB flash drive to guide the installation, it is not possible that he does not recognize the USB flash disk. The reason may be that the USB flash disk is recognized in the PE system. In this figure, we found a problem, that is, although we can see the local partitio

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