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Packet data service of CDMA 1xRTT

CDMA2000 standard developed from IS-95 CDMA, and to the mobile phone users backward-compatible, that is, the existing IS-95 CDMA mobile terminals can still continue to use in CDMA2000 network. According to the development of CDMA2000, can be divided into 1xRTT and 3xRTT phase, 3xRTT CDMA2000 provides the maximum 20MHz

Research on the evolution of CDMA network and the business model of Unicom

the national 3G Expert Group continue to be intensively carried out, domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers to 3G research and development has been part of the product, more importantly, with the CDMA 1X and GPRS network into use, the frequent introduction of business, packet data services and users have been presses and nurtured, These all provide the condition for the large-scale application of 3G

Discussion on the evaluation standard of GSM and CDMA wireless network

The purpose of the wireless network evaluation is to analyze the network running data and give a reasonable evaluation. Including the quality of network planning, network operation, network operation problems, hidden dangers, network

Talking about the construction of CDMA 1X core network

Absrtact: Unicom CDMA 1X Test Network is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Nanchang, Hainan 7. It is based on 95A online equipment manufacturers distribution, and fully consider the future of the network upgrade of the various possibilities for the future construction of the preparation and accumulation of experience. This article mainly talks a

How to maintain good CDMA network

At present, the technical aspects of the CDMA network are mainly related to the quality of the handset, the call off line, the connection rate, the network coverage and the interconnection of other network mobile users. How to solve these problems of users is a very important factor in the development of Unicom

China Telecom should discard the CDMA network in a short time

China Telecom should discard the CDMA network in a short time 4G era has arrived, because the current 4G FDD-LTE photo has not yet been issued, basically mobile drama, mobile is testing VoLTE, it is strange that China Telecom claims to test the VolTE technology some time ago, but it has not put forward such a test demand in its current mobile phone demand. Theoretically, mobile has the best GSM

Planning method of CDMA wireless network

I. Understanding the specific situation on the ground CDMA Network Wireless planning should make full use of the local population, economy, geography and other basic information, at the same time to reflect the local characteristics, such as reflecting the imbalance of the economic development of a certain characteristics, reflecting a certain key township is very developed, the gap between urban and rural

Measure the test taker's knowledge about the principles of CDMA wireless network technology.

This article mainly introduces the principles of CDMA wireless network technology in detail, and gives you a detailed explanation. I believe this article will help you. In fact, the CDMA technology has been used long ago. It may be that, for various reasons, the introduction of China has not been able to fully leverage its advantages. So what are the specific adv

How can we solve the channel pollution problem in the CDMA wireless network system?

So far, wireless technology has not only made technological advances, but also has been widely used. However, there are also some problems. Everyone should have heard about the word "pilot pollution. Then, we will analyze the pilot pollution problem of the CDMA wireless network system in detail below. With the rapid development of CDMA wireless

CDMA wireless network optimization process and method (1)

Overview The CDMA system is a self-interference system. A user is interference with other users. Each cell also interferes with other cells, especially adjacent areas with the same carrier frequency. At the same time, the residential area has the breathing function. The higher the network load, the larger the interference, and the smaller the coverage. The smaller the n

Analysis of CDMA wireless network optimization

The development and prosperity of wireless networks are inseparable from the construction of networks. However, problems such as poor planning or adaptability to the current environment may also occur during the construction process. Then we need to optimize the network. Next we will introduce the optimization of CDMA wireless networks. The CDMA system needs to b

Network optimization of CDMA

In general, the process of CDMA network optimization is divided into three stages: single base station configuration confirmation, community optimization and system-wide optimization (or global optimization), each phase completes different tasks. Single Base station configuration confirmation The goal is to confirm the installation integrity of the BTS and the accuracy of the data. The verification parame

CDMA network optimization analysis should be implemented step by step

The Optimization Analysis of CDMA networks is very complex. Operators should clarify their ideas and implement them step by step, so as to lay the foundation for the implementation of network optimization in the next stage. Network Optimization analysis mainly includes determining the analysis tool and its stability, initializing the list of adjacent sets, and op

Windows Phone Get network type (gsm/cdma/wifi/ethernet)

First, determine whether there is network data connection:The most basic network state judgment, if there is no network connection, all operations will not go on.Microsoft.Phone.Net.NetworkInformation.NetworkInterface.GetIsNetworkAvailable ()Second, determine the network type (gsm/

Use a 3g cdma network adapter in Linux

The first task is to drive the 3G Nic of China Telecom on a small board. The new thing is to run the network card on the PC first. The driver with the card is not available in Linux, so there are two ways to do that: Google: Is there a Linux open-source driver with the card; the other is to check whether the kernel itself can be supported. Later, it was confirmed that the USB-serial part of the kernel could be driven. This is a

Common Problems and Solutions for CDMA network optimization (1)

CDMA network optimization has its own characteristics. The unique soft switching mode of CDMA makes the signal control of the base station more important than other mobile communication systems, which also increases the control difficulty. If the signal control is improper, this vulnerability may cause problems such as channel pollution, strong interference, and

CDMA AN-AAA (access network authentication, authorization and accounting server ))

AN-AAA (Access Network-authentication, accounting, authorization server) access network authentication, authorization and accounting server, the current use of RADIUS server. AN-AAA authentication for EV-DO users, complete the authentication function of EV-DO user terminal identity legitimacy, that is, an-level authentication. At the same time, AN-AAA to complete the EV-DO user terminal account management f

Common solutions to fault of CDMA wireless network card

Now a lot of business people, white-collar families are inseparable from wireless internet, on the map of convenience! Bought the Internet card, fee card, but in the installation process appeared problems, how to solve it? The following list of some of the problems of wireless network card solutions, I hope to help you. Reason 1: You are not plugged in to the network card and run the software directly. WO

Blackberry: send SMS via CDMA network

Sending SMS in CDMA network using Blackberry Http:// F = 36 t = 1672 ByTommy» Sat Jun 18,201 1 pm Sending SMS in CDMA network using Blackberry Code: Select All import; import; import

Comparison of CDMA, GPRS, edge, and Wi-Fi network speeds

Core tips:Comparison of CDMA, GPRS, edge, and Wi-Fi network speeds, we know that the speed of accessing the Internet includes obtaining data from the network and transmitting data to the network, in many cases, the bandwidth or speed in these two directions are different. Receiving speed and upload speedAs you know, t

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