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One of the best practices for Software Quality Assurance: Code Review and Case Review

The previous article translated bug analysis, which laid the foundation for Bug prevention and emphasized the prevention of Software defects. Software Quality is built and determined by the quality of the entire process of software development. The software quality is certainly not tested through testing. Therefore, it

One of the best practices for Software Quality Assurance: Code Review and Case Review)

Http:// Software Quality is built and determined by the quality of the entire process of software development. The software quality is certainly not tested through testing. Therefore, it is important to prevent Software defects from beginning to end. In addition to defect analys

2015 Examination of Geography Biology Review outline Real topic walkthrough Software Review method

2015 exam is coming, in order to better help students better on the geography of the test, biological knowledge Review, the examination of the real topic to summarize, hope can bring help to everyone, I wish the students to get good results!Children usually feel that learning is very tired and bitter, change a learning method to let children learn as easy as fun, learning mentality good mood good memory affirmation deepAfter the unremitting efforts of

A programmer's review of two years from hardware to software, and a programmer's review of two years

A programmer's review of two years from hardware to software, and a programmer's review of two years 1. Before Software creation Before entering the software line, I had been engaged in hardware work. I had changed many companies, but I was generally engaged in product testi

Software Testing Technology (v)--software Review

A peer-reviewed walkthrough was conducted in this week's test class, and we had a very enthusiastic discussion, but I also found some less understood processes, such as how to plan activities, what is the purpose of the daytime, the technical review, the formal inspection, and when. I did a bit of detailed research.First of all, Peer Review (peer review) as part

Code review in the area of software development is a good thing or a bad thing

In the area of software development, code review appears to be a controversial, fairly peaceful topic. The prevailing view is that code censorship is a good thing. Some companies or organizations even force the requirement to audit the code as a necessary process. Review is a good measure to catch bugs and problems. The ability to share domain knowledge and imp

Choose a software you are familiar with, and review its pros and cons, and describe the history of such software development

. 13.2012 October 26, Windows8 in the United States officially launched. Windows 8 supports chip architectures from Intel, AMD and ARM, and is used on PCs and tablets, especially mobile touch devices such as touch-screen phones, tablets, and more. The system has a good battery life and starts faster, consumes less memory, and is compatible with the software and hardware supported by Windows 7. In addition, in the interface design, the use of planar d

Let you know about software development in advance (47): Peer Review

Part 1 software R D work summary Peer review In 《Inspur SummitIn this book, Mr. Wu describes how Google worked in the early days. One of them was written as follows:After dinner, I usually send the code modification list to Craig for code review. Generally, he will reply to me at around 10 o'clock and give me some suggestions, A space is added to a line. What M

2011 Annual Free antivirus Software cross review

This year, the domestic anti-virus software is still free for the theme, the domestic three kill soft manufacturers in the rising and Jinshan has entered the free camp, only the remaining jiangmin a struggling support, have to say that this is Zhou 祎 alive to force. The following small series first for you to introduce the virus classification. According to the virus algorithm can be roughly divided into five major categories. 2011 Annua

Software Construction (review)--some knowledge of multithreading

write in front : Understanding multithreading is very necessary, this blog is my knowledge of the point of understanding (also read some of the relevant blog), to review and consolidate the relevant knowledge.One, what is multithreading?Multithreading refers to the technique of implementing concurrent execution of multiple threads from software or hardware. Computers with multithreaded capabilities can perf

About Software Testing (5): First acquaintance with peer Review

First, background: This week's software testing in the classroom, we in the case of self-grouping, Yao classmate's car parking location management system has peer Review, Chinese is peer test. This is the first time I've been in touch with peer testing, so let me introduce peer review.Second, peer review definition: is a way to identify defects through the author

The application of peer review in software testing

This week in the software testing class to learn the peer review method, the following specific introduction of peer review method in the software testing process application.Peer review activities should focus on defects in the product, not the author or producer of the wor

Software Engineering Review Summary

. Unlike hardware, software is a logical part of a computer system rather than a physical part.34. Software, unlike general programs, is characterized by a large scale.Simple question1. Basic principles of Software Engineering (1) strictly manage the lifecycle with stages. (2) Adhere to the stage review. (3)Implement s

Software Test Learning Note Week 7---Peer Review

reference only, and the decision of the deputy editor is the key factor . In the process of reviewing the thesis, the deputy editor's right is too big, and the peer review is not a transparent process, there is the possibility of black-box operation. An example might be easier to understand. Assuming that an author has a paper submission, but the deputy editor himself is doing the work and is about to complete, or the deputy edit

Software Requirements Review of five cases and nine recommendations

Software requirements are the most important input of software development, demand risk is often the biggest risk in software development process, one of the most important means to reduce demand risk is demand review, but demand review is the most difficult one in all asses

Some Ideas about software review

Software Review The software review is not reviewed after the software development is completed, but is reviewed at all stages of the software development. Because errors may occur at all stages of

Agile Software Development Practice-code Review Process

Introduced: In agile software development, the speed of code generation is much higher than that of traditional waterfall. Because we have made the time more compact. How can so much code guarantee the quality of the code? Many people may think directly of static code detection tools. Yes, those are the ones that can define a code-checking rule to ensure the quality of the code, but is that just from the language point of view, is the logic optimized

Huawei software programming specification Learning (10)-code editing, compilation, and review

Huawei software programming specification Learning (10)-code editing, compilation, and review 10-1: Enable all alert Switches of the compiler to compile the program. 10-2: In product software (Project Team), unified compilation of switch options 10-3: Check the Code through code reading and review Note: code reading m

Panel Software Design Review

"Maze" Project Review I think this maze is a very good little game. One of the single-player game and death mode is more common, but the two-person mode is very interesting to listen to, the usual maze is a person does not mean, but joined the double-mode competition, immediately feel different.Can be in the boring time to call friends, play together, in general, is a very good idea. "Personal assistant" project r

Essentials of Review of Software Development Technology Foundation

Essentials of Review of Software Development Technology Foundation1. Life cycle:Refers to a software from the beginning of the development requirements, after the demand analysis, design, manufacture, commissioning, use, maintenance, until the software products are eliminated the entire process.2. Briefly describe the

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