ceil function in c

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JS Ceil Function

Ceil Function The Ceil function is used to evaluate the smallest integer not less than the given real number.Ceil (2) = Ceil (1.2) = CEI (1.5) = 2.00 To use this function, you must include the header file . The return

C/C ++ obtains the entire function Ceil (), floor ()

Use the floor function. Floor (x) returns the largest integer less than or equal to X.For example, floor (10.5) = 10 floor (-10.5) =-11 Use the ceil function. Ceil (x) returns the smallest integer greater than X.For example, Ceil (10.5) = 11 Ceil (-

Ceil () [C language library function source code]

[C language library function source code] [This program is compiled in Dev C ++] Double my_ceil (Double X) { Register double ret; Unsigned short int temp1, temp2; _ ASM _ ("fnstcw % 0": "= m" (temp1 )); Temp2 = (temp1 & 0xf3ff) | 0x080

floor function and Ceil function

Floor function floor (x), sometimes it is also written as floor (x), its function is "rounding", or "rounded down", that is, take the largest integer not greater than X (and "Rounding", the next rounding is directly remove the decimal part), such as:

Round () in C + +, floor (), ceil ()

2.1 2.6-2.1-2.6Floor: Maximum integer not greater than the argument 2 2-3-3Ceil: Maximum integer not less than argument 3 3-2-2Round: Rounding to nearest integer 2 3-2-3round (num,num_dight) accurate num to num_dight number of digitsFloor (), ceil ()

Ultraviolet-10673-play with floor and ceil (simple mathematics !)

Link: Play with floor and ceil UV-10673Play with floor and ceil Time limit:3000 Ms   Memory limit:Unknown   64bit Io format:% LLD & % LlU Submitstatus Description ProblemPlay with floor and ceilInput:Standard InputOutput:

A small BUG in the Max/min function (PHP)

Take a direct look at the show: # Psy Shell v0.3.3 (PHP 5.5.30-cli) by Justin hileman>>> ceil ( -0.5) = -0.0>>> max ( -0.0, 0) = 0.0 >>> Max (Ceil ( -0.5), 0) = 0.0 In the above demo, the Ceil function returns a 0.0 when -0.0,max passes the

A small BUG in max/min functions (PHP)-php Tutorial

A small BUG in maxmin function (PHP) is shown in the following figure: # Psy Shell v0.3.3 (PHP 5.5.30 — cli) by Justin Hileman>>> ceil(-0.5)=> -0.0>>> max(-0.0, 0)=> 0.0>>> max(ceil(-0.5), 0)=> -0.0 In the above demonstration, the ceil function

[Post] C/C ++ mathematical functions

ABS   Prototype: extern int ABS (int x ); Usage: # include Function: calculates the absolute value of integer x. Description: calculation | x |. If X is not negative, X is returned. Otherwise,-X is returned. Example: // Abs. c # Include # Include

C + + Nineth lesson Standard C Math function

ABS () Seek absolute value ACOs () Seeking the inverse cosine ASIN () Ask for the inverse of the string Atan () Ask for anyway cut ATAN2 () To find the tangent, to

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