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To build a CentOS online yum source mirror server

Description Operating system: CentOS 6.x IP Address: Implementation Purpose: Synchronize the contents of the CentOS mirrored site to this server, and by configuring the HTTP server, can provide Yum

Redhat 7.1 Enterprise Edition uses the Yum source of CentOS 7

It is well known that the Red Hat Enterprise Server is not able to update the software if it is not registered. Due to the Redhat Yum online update is charged, if not registered words are not available, that is, can not install the software online.

Quick upgrade of RedhatAS4 and AS5 to CentOS

Many servers in the Organization are RedHatAS4 and AS5 machines. You often need to install and compile software packages. upgrading to the CentOS system is much more convenient! I checked the relevant materials online, but they were not satisfactory.

CentOS uses yum to update the software package and system, centosyum

CentOS uses yum to update the software package and system, centosyum 1. CentOS update source configuration file descriptionCentOS 6.5 update source profile/etc/yum. repos. d/CentOS-Base.repo Fragment[Base]Name = CentOS-$ releasever-BaseUsing list =

Install the rpm package without network connection to CentOS

Because there is no network connection, yum cannot be used. this is a problem I encountered during manual installation and its solution I. the first thought should be to mount the centosios image, because the packages contains all the rpm packages

Use the extract package to install centos Oracle

The CentOSoracle installation process has been widely used but is constantly updated. Here we will introduce how to install and install CentOSoracle to help you install, update, and install Cent. The CentOS oracle Installation process has been

Basic software configuration after centos 5.3 Installation

07:12:49 | category: centos | Tag: None | font size subscription Centos 18:30:19 read 1000 comments 3 font size: LargeSmallThis tutorial is a simple configuration process of my own system, including (official and private) source configuration,

Install the RPM package or the source package

Install the RPM package or the source package Chapter 2 InstallRPMPackage or install the source package It is easy to install a software in windows. You only need to double-click the .exe file, and the installation prompt is "Next". However,

Install the CentOS package in Yum

Operating system: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 51. Uninstall Rhel's default installed Yum Package view Yum package rpm-qa|grep Yum Uninstall rpm-qa|grep yum|xargs rpm-e--nodeps 2, download new Yum package 64-bit Linux system download installation

The configuration and usage of Yum source in CentOS _linux

Introduction of Yum Yum, Yellow Dog Updater, is the abbreviation for Modified, a package manager developed by Duke University to improve the installation of RPM software packages. It was originally developed by Yellow Dog, the developer of the

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