centos libcurl

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Configure:error:Please Reinstall the Libcurl distribution

Label:Configure:error:Please Reinstall the Libcurl distribution- easy.h should be in/include/curl/Basically determine what package was lost due to internet search to get the dependency package that needs to be installed beforehand.

How To:cgminer (Bitcoin, litecoin etc.) + AMD Radeon driver Install on CentOS

Label:UPDATE 7/7/13:if want to use Catalyst drivers version 12.8 you'll find that X won ' t Start (Error msg:/US r/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/fglrx_drv.so:undefined symbol:noxfree86driextension) If you installed CentOS 6.4. Catalyst > 12.8 would

CentOS Build Lnmp+lamp Environment + (JDK+TOMCAT+MYSQL)

Tags: LinuxCentOS Build Lnmp+lamp Environment + (JDK+TOMCAT+MYSQL)The first part LNMP environment constructionFirst, compile and install nginx1.10.31. Preparation[Email protected] ~]# cat/etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Linux release 7.3.1611 (Core)[Email

Zabbix 2.2.2 Installation on the CentOS 6.3 x86_64

Label:Zabbix 2.2.2 Installation update on CentOS 6.3 x86_64 May 03, 2014 # dependent on the environmentYum install-y php-mbstring mysql-devel libcurl-devel net-snmp-devel php-xml libiconv php-gd* php-bcmath php-mysql # Download and unzip

Centos 6.8 Install Zabbix 3.2 version install and modify fonts

Tags: update create user Web service TPS ORC groupadd zab timezone Microsoft ya BlackIP DNS I'm not going to tell you.Install the Habitual software firstYum-y Install nano wget lrzsz Update yum source I used Ali's

CentOS 7 Source Installation latest Version LNMP environment

Tags: firewall database binary latest version LnmpAs the company requires the latest version of the ZABBIX2.4.4 need the latest version of the system CENTOS7 and the most recent LNMP environment, so I groped to use the latest version of the

Test configuring the HTTP image for the Yum repository

Tags: yum mirror repoTest configuring the HTTP image for the Yum repositoryFirst, the basic Environment 1, on the basis of tvm-base, copy an image for Tvm-yum to test. 2, Network: eth0:host-only (for virtual intranet, manually fixed IP, so from the

Zabbix problems encountered in Configure (CentOS)

Label:Zabbix Questions (CentOS) for your answers in configure : In the CentOS system, the following 4 major issues are encountered when installing Zabbix for configure ./configure--enable-server--enable-agent--with-mysql--with-net-snmp--with-jabber--

CentOS uses pagoda Linux panel to build Zabbix process record

Tags: file alt app config forget download conf. com pathStatement: This article refers to the steps in the https://lala.im/2733.html and add their own installation step diagram, do not like to spray.1, Use the image name for the mirror name: Centos-

CentOS installation MySQL5.6.10 and Security Configuration tutorial detailed _mysql

Note: All of the following actions are performed under the CentOS 6.5 x86_64 bit system. #准备工作 # Before installing MySQL, make sure that you have installed the following types of underlying components using Yum (if the system has been taken, you ca

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