centos reboot server command

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Set up a DHCP server under CentOS 6.4

How DHCP works DHCP is usually used as a communication protocol in the local area network. It transmits broadcast packets to all hosts in the entire physical network segment through a client. If a DHCP server exists in the local area network, in

Centos command line method

Centos restart commands commonly used shutdown and restart commands in Linux include shutdown, halt, reboot, and init, which can be used to shut down and restart, however, the internal working process of each command is different. we will introduce

Linux System Web server environment build LNMP One-click installation package Detailed

Latest Version: lnmp-2.5 Update Time: 20140702 MD5 Value: D4d52e39066f041569b8ef2daa033e15 Installation Instructions: Please ensure that the server can be normal access to the Internet, yum command can be

Centos Command Line Method

Centos restart command Common shutdown and restart commands in Linux include shutdown, halt, reboot, and init, which can be used for shutdown and restart. However, the internal working process of each command is different, next we will introduce

How to install and configure a VNC Server on CentOS 7.0

How to install and configure a VNC Server on CentOS 7.0 This is a tutorial on how to install and configure the VNC service on your CentOS 7. Of course, this tutorial is also suitable for RHEL 7. In this tutorial, we will learn what VNC is and how to

Security Settings under CentOS 5.1 (for all Linux versions) _linux

In general, a typical user can log on to the system administrator-level configuration by performing the "Su-" command and entering the correct root password for the root user. However, in order to further enhance the security of the system, it is

How to enter centos command line

In the centos interface switch issue, many people may be used to entering the character work mode for operations. So how do I switch to the character working mode? Below we will introduce three methods to enter the character work mode: In the

CentOS timed reboot Nginx to resolve LNMP 502 Bad Gateway

command format is as follows: * * * * command Time-sharing and Lunar Week command The 1th column represents minutes 1~59 per minute with * or */1 The 2nd column represents the hour 1~23 (0 for 0 points) The 3rd column represents the date 1~31

Common CentOS commands

1. View process ps- KillPID 2. Add a scheduled task crontab-e Example: 3021 *** servicehttpdrestart Restart apache at every day View crontab status Servicecrondstatus 3. find/-namejiangkong.zip 4. centos host name modification command You need to

Centos command for shutdown and restart

Linux CentOS shutdown and restart command details and practices Linux CentOS restart command: 1. reboot normal restart 2. shutdown-rnow restart immediately (used by root users) 3, shutdown-r10 through 10 minutes automatic restart (root user use) 4,

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