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(summary) CentOS Linux build SVN server configuration detailed

Label:PS: Today to develop a colleague to build a public network of SVN Server,google, found the following this is the most detailed, recorded, re-layout a bit. By the way according to their own experience, supplemented with a few details and

Installation and use of SVN servers in Linux and use of Windows clients (CentOS-6.5)

Tags: Linux svn1 SVN IntroductionSVN is the abbreviation for Subversion, is an open source version control system, compared to RCS, CVS, it uses the branch management system, its design goal is to replace CVS. Many version control services on the

CentOS Linux Build SVN server configuration detailed

Label:About SVN and how it worksSubversion is the version management software that has risen in recent years and is the successor to CVS, and most open source software uses SVN as the code version management software. Subversion supports Linux and

CentOS 6.x The SVN server also supports Apache HTTP and Svnserve standalone servers in both modes and uses the same access rights account

Description Server operating system: CentOS 6.x Server ip: To achieve the purpose: 1, install the Configuration SVN service on the server; 2, configure the SVN service also supports Apache HTTP and svnserve Independent server two m

SVN details, standalone installation configuration, hooks configuration management and large portal code on-line process

Tags: SVN hooks code on-line shellCode Release Scenarios:1, installation, optimization of the Software Environment, (NGINX,LVS) "-------Operation and maintenance engineer2, program code (constantly updated). "--------Development Engineer,

Installation of SVN server-side methods and Directory Access configuration on CentOS 6.5 systems (summary)

Label:SVN is actually subversion, which is divided into server-side and client. Before the online search a lot of methods, all have a variety of problems, after their own collection and finishing and actual attempt, finally there is a more reliable

Linux SVN use

Label:SVN is a version management system, formerly known as CVS, which is the cornerstone of open source software. Even in the case of sufficient communication, many people maintain the same source code must also be chaotic situation, version

Install configuration and use SVN under CentOS using Yum

Tags: blog http io ar os using SP java forInstallation InstructionsSystem Environment: CentOS-6.3Installation method: Yum Install (source installation is prone to version compatibility issues)Install software: The system automatically downloads SVN

Linux SVN Build (YUM) installation

Label:Http://www.centoscn.com/CentosServer/ftp/2014/0202/2409.htmlLinux SVN Build (YUM) installationInstallation InstructionsSystem Environment: CentOS-6.2Installation method: Yum Install (source installation is prone to version compatibility issues)

CentOS 6 source code compile installation Configure SVN server tutorial

Description SVN (subversion) runs in two ways: One is based on Apache HTTP, HTTPS Web Access form; There is also a stand-alone server model based on Svnserve. SVN's data is stored in two ways: one is to store the dat

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