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The setup steps of LNMP HTTP Web server under VPS CentOS-6 _linux

I started a new VPS yesterday, as a personal blog wid Laboratory (widlabs.com) development of the experimental environment. So in this blog, will introduce CentOS 6 under the LNMP HTTP environment, from the use of SSH login VPS, until the domain

Linux VPS Host scheduled automatic backup site and MySQL database script

Since we started learning to build stations, whether we are using a free virtual host, or scraping the pay of the purchase of the host, and our larger projects need to turn to VPS or server storage; whether we are technical trained or old left, See

AMH panel reboot VPS Unable to login SSH and SFTP client solution

AMH panel, as one of the Linux VPS host panels developed by the people, the current user volume is still relatively large, even since the new version of last year began charging a lot of controversy, but now basically tend to habits. Because the

Use crontab for VPS automation on Linux vps/servers

VPS or server often need VPS or server often need to regularly backup data, scheduled to restart a service or scheduled execution of a program and so on, generally in Linux use crontab,windows below is the use of scheduled tasks (win is the

CentOS 5.4 + OpenVZ + Vtonf self-built VPS Server

Vtonf is a free web-based control panel (compatible with GPL) that manages virtual private servers (VPS) on OpenVz ). Using her or even a few professional users can easily create and manage virtual machines on OpenVZ. So far, Vtonf only supports

SSH key login makes Linux vps/server more secure

As PHP becomes more popular, Linux vps/servers are used more and more, and Linux security issues need to be enhanced, if you install denyhosts and set up email reminders, you may be subject to several letters each day denyhosts The reporting will

CentOS VPS Installation Kloxo free virtual Host management system _linux

For beginners who do not want to learn commands and use CentOS VPS directly, we recommend a fool-type virtual Host management system Kloxo, and is free, unlimited bound domain name. Kloxo Introduction Kloxo, formerly known as Lxadmin, is a free

Centos 5.4 + openvz + vtonf Implementation of VPs servers

So far, vtonf only supports RedHat, fedora, and centos (support for Debian is being planned ). CentOS-5.4-i386 System (vtonf does not support x86-64 systems, installation may fail, as described in its install) 1. Disable SELinux Open the

CentOS 5.4+openvz+vtonf The method of implementing the VPS server _openvz

So far, vtonf has only supported Redhat, Fedora, and CentOS (which support Debian is planning). centos-5.4-i386 System (Vtonf does not support x86-64 system, installation process error, also described in its install) 1. Close SELinux Open the

Linux VPS Server Security Configuration steps detailed

We need to do some basic security when we have a VPS or server that has a Linux system open. There are probably several areas:1. Prohibit root account ssh, use custom account ssh;This way, the hacker must first guess the account number, then can

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