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Data types and data distribution

1. Dissociation data and discrete distributionDissociation data is usually data that can only be represented by integers. For example, the number of people in a province, the number of planets in a unit volume in the universe, etc.1.1 The discrete

Bayesian, probability distribution and machine learning

This article by leftnoteasy original, can be reproduced, but please keep the source and this line, if there is commercial purpose, please contact the author wheeleast@gmail.com   I. Bayesian theorem: Bayesian Theorem explains common knowledge

110 distribution frame details [from the Internet]

A distribution frame is a device for end-to-end and connection of cables or optical cables. Interconnect or hand over the distribution frame. The complex distribution frame is a connection device connecting the trunk cable and optical cable of the

Stochastic event probability gambling poisson distribution

Probability theory is a branch of mathematics that studies the law of random phenomena. Its origins in the 17th century century, at that time in the category of error, demographic, life insurance, need to collate and study a large number of random

Sixth chapter statistical quantity and its sampling distribution _ statistic

1 Statistic Quantity Statistics: Constructs a function from a sample, without relying on any parametersCommon statistics: Sample mean (X¯), sample variance (S 2), sample variation coefficient (V=sx¯), sample K-Order distance, sample K-Order center

Probability and statistical knowledge Review (2) One-Dimensional Random Variables and Probability Distribution

1. Concept of Random Variables As the name implies, a random variable is a variable with a random value. The opposite of a random variable is a "deterministic variable", that is, the variable whose value follows a certain strict rule, such as the

Common concepts of Statistics: t-Test, F-Test, chi-square test, p-value, degrees of freedom

Origin of 1,t test and F-Test In general, in order to determine the probability of making a mistake from the statistical results of samples (sample), we use statistical methods developed by statisticians to perform statistical verification. By

Common statistical concepts: t-test, F-test, Chi-square test, P-value, degree of freedom

1. Origins of t-test and F-test In general, to determine the probability of making mistakes from the statistical result of the sample to the overall result, we will use some statistical methods developed by the statistician for statistical

Fitting from Np.random.normal () to normal distribution

First look at the great Gaussian distribution (Gaussian distribution) probability density function (probability density function): F (x) =12π−−√σexp (− (x−μ) 22σ2) f (x) =\frac1{\sqrt{2\pi}\sigma}\exp (-\frac{(X-\MU) ^2}{2\sigma^2}) Corresponds to

All the random number functions of MATLAB

All the random number functions of MATLAB(i) MATLAB internal functionsA. basic random numberThere are two basic functions for generating random numbers in MATLAB.1 . rand ()Generates a random variable that is evenly distributed over the (0,1)

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