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Project Manager case manual Study Series [17] -- Project Risk Management

. When the progress risk is high, the project manager's experience and the frequency of checking the progress are two important factors. Conclusion: Many successful factors of the project are focused on interpersonal management. Regardless of the project's risks, the project manager must master interpersonal skil

Project Manager's responsibilities in agility)

methodology to exclude managers unless they are executed by perfect people. A process is a set of guidelines. If there is a process, there will be deviations. If there is someone, there will be problems. To manage people and problems, control deviations and changes-each project requires professional management help. At the same time, managers are also people, and they also belong to the world composed of defects. Some management decisions may also fa

Project Manager desk manual Study Notes

The concept of a project: a project is a one-time task with a clearly defined start and end date, a specific scope of work, a budget, and a specific performance level. Zhu LAN, a Quality Expert, defines a project: a project is a problem to be solved by a plan. This definition makes us realize that

Project Manager case manual Study Series [9, 10] -- mandatory resource progress plan, application pert preparation progress plan

If the project manager cannot solve the resource allocation problem, the project progress plan will not succeed. When most of the activities in a project are similar to other activities that have previously been executed, the Key Path Method (CPM) is usually used for plann

Utopia Project Manager

this is the reason, the project manager does not have a good understanding of the programmer, the plan developed in this way cannot blame the programmer, 2. The programmer's understanding is incorrect because the project manager did not communicate well with the programmer and did not reach a consensus. Of course, thi

Project Manager Mind Mapping

achievements: The famous Mind Map magazine Using The creator of the Mind Maps magazine , a writer, a master of the minds of all-around mapping.Mind Map Master No.8:Toni kransicMain achievements: Famous scholar, learning website Concise Learning founder, known as "student Success Coach", the mind map of the huge energy into the field of education practitioners.Mind Map Master No.9:Andrew WilcoxKey achievements: Founder of Cabre , a well-known advisory body, helps businesses and individuals bette

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