change credit card billing cycle

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Python development Program: atm+ Shopping Mall

First, the demand1. Analog implementation of an ATM + shopping mall Program1). realization function1. Quota 15000 or Custom2. Implement the shopping mall, buy things into the shopping cart, call the credit card interface checkout3. Can withdraw cash,

OCs: the key to winning 3G by carriers

Prepared by: China HP Communications and Media Industry Consulting and Integration Division The approaching 3G undoubtedly brings unlimited business opportunities to China telecom operators, but it is accompanied by a dramatic increase in the

[Laravel5.2 documentation] service-subscription payment implementation: LaravelCashier

[Laravel5.2 documentation] service-subscription payment implementation: LaravelCashier 1. Introduction LaravelCashier provides an elegant and smooth interface for implementing the subscription payment service through Stripe. It encapsulates almost

Domain Driven design and spring

Original IntroductionThis article is about the relationships and differences between the basic artifacts, concepts, and Java Web applications (mainly based on the spring framework) of

How do you make the public number more powerful?

Whether it is the public number or the number of the female, the content of the king of the law is still able to bully. Of course, the same pile of content in different channels, need to trim cut, let the content to adapt to the channel, to achieve

The golden rule to increase the unit price of customers: price increases can also be sold

Part 11. Increase the number of visitors vs increase the unit price (1)"In this downturn, it is impossible to increase the customer's unit price ?" "We still have a sales promotion and other activities to make consumers feel more comfortable ".

My WP7 development path-3 months later

Thank you, Zhang Lei.-- When I was a graduate student at Jiaotong University, he told Nokia and Microsoft to hold the spring phone program. Without the news, I did not participate in this activity, at the same time, I would also like to thank him

Introduction to SaaS Series: SaaS business model

1 IntroductionA lot of money, but can not find the seeds of money, will become a career. As a professional software person, we all seek to use an efficient and economical process to build a working, useful product.________grady BoochThe fundamental

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