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About kaixinnet Server

1.'s main site uses the DNS round-robin technology. The so-called DNS round-robin means that a domain name corresponds to several a records. For example,'s main site has 6 servers.DNS round-robin has a disadvantage. If a domain

Godaddy sets DNS step by step

GodaddyDNS settings are available in itself, but it is always too difficult to find, so nameserver is directed to everydns, and everydns is used to set a ratio. GodaddySettings specified to everydns: ImportGodaddySelect Domain Name

"Issue 1161th" from Chrome Source view DNS parsing process

Objective The Product Manager Circle has started talking about AI, AI, and what the AI's product managers should be able to learn. Today morning reading articles are licensed for sharing by @ Li Bancheng. The text starts from here ~ The role of DNS

Introduction to DNS Principles

DNS is one of the core Internet protocols. Whether it's surfing the web or programming, you need to know a little bit about it.This article describes in detail The principle of DNS and how to use the tool software to observe its operation. My goal

Build a website from scratch (iii) DNS

The first part of the site to build the two main elements: domain name and server, this time to say is the domain name resolution, that is, the domain name and server binding process.When we visit the network, the URL is sent to DNSServer, which is

Site Building from scratch (iii) domain name resolution

The original published self-built website, welcome everyone to visit, reproduced please retain this paragraph or note the original first part of the site to build the two main elements: domain name and

Linux Operations (ix)

today's situation makes people sigh, things are not as I thought, school recruit failed, garbage Ann Chang, not keep the credit of CICC, did not receive any news. has transferred to the intern, the day after tomorrow has the opportunity to enter the

Linux local dns configuration file

Linux local dns configuration file details when we set up dns in linux, usually in/etc/resolv. the conf file is usually set with several nameservers. In fact, the file can be optimized according to the options. Www.2cto. comresolv. in the conf file..

NAT and Network Bridge

There are 2 ways to surf the Internet in a virtual machine or Docker container: Bridging and NAT(1) Basic principle of bridge connectionA virtual machine configured as a bridged network connection mode can be used as a standalone host for the

GoDaddy domain name into a detailed tutorial (figure)

Yesterday, I received GoDaddy sent a letter to my domain name transfer success, will be detailed into the process to share to everyone, about how to turn out the domain name, 5 days ago I introduced a detailed-yahoo domain name transfer tutorial, do

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