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PostgreSQL Rights Management Create an updatable table for ordinary users

First, the environment$ psql--versionpsql (PostgreSQL) 9.4.4 As we all know, superuser privileges are too large for the security of the database, for non-administrator accounts, you need to create a normal user. Second, the grammar$ psql psql  (9.4.

Postgresql Learning Notes (1)

First, the environment#配置远程连接su postgres vim/var/lib/pgsql/9.4/data/postgresql.conf Edit configuration file listen_address= ' localhost ' before the comment # removed,  And the ' localhost ' should be ' * '; vim/etc/postgresql/8.2/main/pg_hba.conf

PostgreSQL Tutorial (18): Client command (2) _postgresql

Seven, Pg_dump: Pg_dump is a tool for backing up the PostgreSQL database. It can even make a full, consistent backup when the database is being used concurrently, without blocking access to the database by other users. The dump format generated by

PostgreSQL Service Deployment

PostgreSQL is a very complex object-relational database management system (ORDBMS), and is currently the most powerful, feature richest and most complex free software database system.os:centos6.5 x64ip: Version:

CREATE table, ALTER table, DROP table, and table column additions, deletions, and column modifications

A, create table-a new table CREATE [Temporary | TEMP] Table Table (Column type[NULL | Not NULL] [UNIQUE] [DEFAULT value][Column_constraint_clause | PRIMARY KEY} [...]][, ... ][, PRIMARY KEY (column [, ...])][, CHECK (condition)][,

Ubuntu PostgreSQL Installation and configuration

1. InstallationThe latest version is automatically installed using the following command, 9.5sudo apt-get install PostgreSQLWhen the installation is complete, the default is:(1) Create a Linux user named "Postgres"(2) Create a default database

PostgreSQL Novice Road Pg::connectionbad (fatal:peer authentication failed

New machine error after deploymentApp 12595 Stderr:pg::connectionbad (FATAL: Peer authentication failed for user "Dbuser" app 12595 stderr:):Surf the internet for a bit, many of the posts are said to modify/etc/postgresql/9.4/main/pg_hba.conf this

AVAYA AEP Koriyuki PostgreSQL Database related

Since all relevant report data of AEP EPM (Application run log, call list, session list), configuration information, etc. exist on the local PostgreSQL, understand the basic usage of PostgreSQL and help to improve the daily operation and maintenance

Asynchronous stream replication of PostgreSQL master-Slave implementation

one of the ways that PostgreSQL master-slave replication is implemented:Standby-based asynchronous stream replication, which is a nice feature provided after the postgresql9.x version (2010.9), similar functionality is available in Oracle after 11g

Create a PostgreSQL database server on Linux

In this article, we will focus on another option, the open source database named PostgreSQL. Although MySQL is a fast, powerful, and fairly simple relational database management system, PostgreSQL is more comprehensive and sacrifices some speed for

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