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Introduction to pap and CHAP authentication

PAP (Password Authentication Protocol) is a simple plaintext authentication method. NAS (Network Access Server) requires users to provide user names and passwords, and PAP returns user information in plaintext. Obviously, this authentication method

The user cannot use the question Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) for identity authentication.

Error message:You cannot use the question Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP) for identity authentication. There is no reversible encryption password for this user. To ensure that reversible encryption is enabled, you can check the domain

Remote dial-in user authentication service (RADIUS)

Remote dial-in user authentication service (RADIUS) Http:// provides translation for learning and communication only It shall not be used for other purposes; otherwise, the consequences shall be borne by you Abstract: This document

VPN technology detailed (middle)

Detailed explanation of VPN technology (in) Lu Xiaopo Tunneling Technology Basics Tunneling is a way of passing data between networks through the use of the Internet infrastructure. Data (or payload) that is passed through a tunnel can be a

Simple Analysis of access network protocols

We have introduced some types of access network protocols. In our general concept, the access network is also a feature of Wired Access. Familiar with PPP protocols. Because the layer-3 tunnel Protocol relies heavily on the characteristics of the

Access network protocol details

It is very useful to know some knowledge about the access network protocol. Here we mainly introduce the creation of PPP links and user verification, including password verification of access network protocols, Microsoft challenge-handshake

Basic concepts of access network protocols

For the network, we usually use the access network. How are protocols defined? Next, let's take a look at the relevant content of the access network protocol. Because the layer-3 tunnel Protocol relies heavily on the characteristics of the PPP

TACACS + Certification Detailed research

1. Tacacs + Overview 1.1 What is TACACS +TACACS + (terminalaccess Controller access control system, Terminal Access Controller Control Protocol) is a feature-enhanced security protocol based on the TACACS protocol. The protocol is similar to the

IT is in its infancy-deploying PPTPVPN servers in CentOS6.4

Before introducing pptpVPN, let's take a look at the tunneling technology. The basic process of tunnel technology is to encapsulate data (data link layer or network layer data in the ISO 7-layer model) at the interface of the source Lan and the

"Turn" on the RADIUS protocol

talking about RADIUS protocol2013-12-03 16:06 5791 People read comments (0) favorite reports Classification:RADIUS Protocol Analysis (6)RADIUS protocol development for a while, the younger brother is not afraid of Caishuxueqian, show off, from

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