character encoding windows 1252

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The difference between Windows 1252 and ISO 8859-1 (ISO 8859-1 is Latin-1, but 1252 is slightly different from Latin1)

2.6.5. ANSI character encoding and Windows 1252In order to support English and Western European characters, Windows designed a code that corresponds to the code page number 1252, which is called Windows 1252.The design of Windows 1252 is a reference

Oracle Character Set and encoding

Oracle Character Set and encodingMorven. Huang: C #, ORACLE, etc. oracle handbook Series 10: Character Set, encoding, and Oracle Part 1 Character Set and coding knowledge Character Set: Some characters are collected to one place as needed and

Character encoding Summary

Recently caused by character encoding problems very headache, many encoding methods can be described as "familiar with the unknown", gb2312, ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode .... So calm down and study hard. References: Http://

Go (SQL Server) Convert a File from Utf-8 to ANSI (such as Windows-1252)

This article transferred from: PROCEDURE ChilkatsampleAsBEGINDECLARE @hrIntDECLARE @sTmp0nvarchar4000)DECLARE @charsetIntEXEC @hr = sp_OACreate' Chilkat_9_5_0.charset ',

Python string encoding

text, which usually refers to characters or other tokens that appear on the screen, but the computer cannot directly handle these characters and tags; they only recognize bits and bytes (byte). In fact, every piece of text on the screen is saved in

Oracle global support: Character Set system introduction and server-side and client-side settings

1. Common sense of Character Set and encoding Character Set: Some characters are collected to one place as needed and assigned with names, so a character set is available. For example: ASCII: ASCII character set: Contains 128 uppercase and lowercase

Oracle Character Set

First Part character set and coding common senseCharacter:People collect certain characters in one place and name them as needed, so they have a character set.Coding:After the work of the current face collection is finished, in order to let the

How to use Unicode encoding in Python2.x

This article describes how to use Unicode encoding in Python2.x. Unicode in Python3 is used as the default encoding, unicode in the Python2 version, which is still widely used, is a place to pay attention to during use. For more information, see

Oracle global support: Character Set system introduction and server-side and client-side settings

Welcome to the Oracle community forum and interact with 2 million technical staff. 1. character Set and encoding common sense Character Set: People collect certain characters in one place as needed and assign them with names, so they have a

The use of Unicode encoding in the detailed python2.x

I'm sure there are a lot of explanations for Unicode and python, but I'm going to write something about them to make it easier for me to understand. Byte stream vs Unicode Object Let's start by defining a string in Python. When you use the string

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