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How to secure and stabilize the leased server and hosting server

for IT In the Internet domain, its basic Business Server leasing and server hosting funds investment is also different, the former cost will be lower, so the rental server is the domestic small and medium-sized enterprises users and individual users

Use Nodejs+express+socketio+mysql to build chat rooms

Use Nodejs+express+socketio+mysql to build chat roomsNodejs related information has been many, I also study it, so the socket tutorial looked under, learned to do a chat room, and then added a simple operation MySQL data inventory chat records.

[IIS] IIS Literacy (vi)

One: Chat roomChat room type has many, free chat room also has many, these chat room ASP source code can be downloaded from the Internet, we will use the poison love chat room as the version to teach everybody to do. Good, we first download poison

Thousands of websites trapped in server maintenance dilemma

Thousands of websites trapped in server maintenance dilemmaIn July, a server hosting company suddenly evaporated, causing the loss of the "landlord" of the several branch network stations in the company ".The company rented the Data Center of China

TogetherJs, togetherjs Chinese

TogetherJs, togetherjs Chinese TogetherJs Overview TogetherJs is a free open-source js framework for Mozilla, which provides communication functions for websites. Adding TogetherJs to your website allows users to communicate in real time. Link:

Chat optimization: From draw calls to GC

C # Language SpecificationRead Catalogue Objective: See where the optimization needs to start? Optimizations for the CPU: Optimization of the GPU Optimization of memory Update, use the Unity Profiler tool to detect

Mature Star Fans website all-round planning case

The following plan is actually a year ago a company is a star FANS of the site to write after the interview, I wrote half a night, the result they are not interested in me, did not hire me, then I had to send my plan to everyone, how is also the

Analysis of chatofPomelo game-server

Analysis of chatofPomelo game-server ChatOfPomelo is a chat room program. I will analyze the game-server on the chat server.First, let's look at its file structure.The large structure is consistent with hellopomelo, and has app, config, logs,

Cultural code (Coding culture)

English Original: Coding culture:how to Build Better products by Building stronger TeamsTranslation/plexusSoftware developers often spend a lot of time and effort on how to build the best products. We often struggle with what kind of web framework

U.S. high-protection standalone server Big Hunt, there is always a suitable for you

Nowadays the internet is in the explosive development stage, the website service group diversification, the function is bloated, to the server memory and the performance request is also more and more high. At the same time, Web site security

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