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Summary of web chat rooms: web chat rooms

Summary of web chat rooms: web chat rooms Preface: Recently I was writing a project in a chat room. I wrote a lot of JS (functions) at the front end, resulting in a bit of code ratio, bugs, and latencies. So I summarized the code I wrote yesterday

[Post] Research, Development and Trend of video chat website Technology

Original article: Main technical modes and comparison of video chat websites:   1, Software-based video chat websites. A) Pure C/S architecture, software-based video chat websites, video chat

Building Home chat room with ASP

Chat Room | Chat rooms have a chat room on the home page that adds a lot of spice to your home page, especially in an Intranet or LAN. However, traditional CGI programming is a headache, with the popularity of ASP technology, the production of home

PHP chat room technical _ PHP Tutorial

PHP chat room technology. PHP chat room Technology Huang Guohui 1. Preface online chat is the most popular dating method nowadays. Chat rooms launched by various websites have their own characteristics. Chat rooms are divided into WebChat and

Several excellent web chat tools are recommended

Many people may think that it is useless to communicate on the webpage. Of course, as a personal blog or website, we naturally have full freedom. I love to chat, and no one cares about it. However, I have been thinking for a long time. Why can so

Brain hole big open chat scene future Capriccio

Chatting is not only between us and friends, in many scenes, designers will also create a chat atmosphere to pull the user's expression desire, even Siri is also a product of chat derivative, about chatting Tencent students have many different

Chat Room Web application-Ajax application, chat room web-ajax

Chat Room Web application-Ajax application, chat room web-ajax In the last two days, I am working on a simple chat room program involving jquery's Ajax refreshing page, php connection to the mysql database, simple mysql operations, and the

PHP Chat Room Technology

PHP Chat Room Technology Huang 1. Objective Chatting online is the most popular way to make friends nowadays. Each big website launches the chat room to have each unique characteristic. Chat rooms are mainly divided into webchat, bbschat two kinds.

PHP Chat Room Technology

PHP chat room technology Huang Guohui1. PrefaceOnline chat is the most popular way to make friends. Chat rooms launched by various websites have their own characteristics.Chat rooms are divided into WebChat and BBSChat. BBSChat is a Telnet-based Tcp

Micro-mail web version can only chat?

At present, many netizens in the use of micro-letter Web version, to facilitate their own browsing the Web site, you can receive micro-letter information in time, and micro-letter friends Chat. However, many netizens think that the micro-letter web

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