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[New portal] windows azure platform () how to select the type of Windows azure hosting service? Website, cloud service or virtual Ma

Windows azure platform articles I believe that after reading my blog post, I have a certain understanding of the Windows azure hosting service. In general, Windows azure services are divided into three types: Windows azure website Cloud Service Virtual machines If I am an enterprise-level user, which of the following services should I choose to migrate my existing enterprise applica

Cloud computing Design Pattern (22)--Static content hosting mode

Deploy static content to a cloud-based storage service that you can provide directly to your customers. This pattern can reduce the need for potentially expensive compute instances.Landscape and problemsWeb applications typically include elements of static content. This static content can include HTML pages and images and other resources available to the client's files, either as part of an HTML page (such as an embedded image, style sheet, and client

Will static Web sites and their generation and hosting become a popular trend?

(This article also published in my public number "dotnet daily Essence article", Welcome to the right QR code to pay attention to. ) Preface: This question is my recent work, has been thinking about the content, today and everyone to share and discuss my views.DefinedStatic Web site: The entire site is composed only of static content (Html\css\js\images ... ) consists of direct content sent to the client by the server, instead of rendering the final H

Getting Started with Amazon EC2 (1 year free AWS VPS web hosting)

from: Getting-started-with-amazon-ec2-1-year-free-aws-vps-web-hosting.htmlamazon Web Services Google "Amazon Web Service free Tier" Login (or sign-up) Note: It'll likely fail to verify your address. Ignore the error (it's one-time only), scroll down, check the agree bo

Use the web hosting site (jsp + mysql + tomcat) and mysqltomcat

Use the web hosting site (jsp + mysql + tomcat) and mysqltomcat 1. Sign up for the orange Internet account: 2. Select an orange cloud Host: 3. Select the desired host type. 3. You can communicate with customer service at any time. Log on to the management center after the purchase is complete. 4. Click host management on the left -- orang

Azure Web sites, cloud services, and virtual machine comparisons

Last updated: 09/24/2014 Last Updated (English): 04/11/2015Azure provides several ways to host Web applications, such as azure Web sites, cloud services, and virtual machines. After reviewing these different options, you may not be sure which one is best for your needs, or you may have unclear concepts such as IaaS versus PaaS. This article will help you understa

Publish your web app to the Cloud-azure Web App with one click

We are now more and more traditional applications, gradually migrating to the cloud, the original private cloud deployment model, and gradually to the cloud PAAs IaaS transformation. For example:We request VM VMs in Cloud Azure, deploy our web apps to the VMs in IIS, and do

How to select available services for Windows Azure Vm, cloud service, Web application

Windows Azure's Web apps and virtual machines are often used. We often deploy our website. Generally choose a web app or open a virtual machine. A virtual machine is billed as the virtual machine's usage time.So what's the difference between choosing a Web deployment?This is an article that was found from a researcher at Azure.The article reads as follows:I'm sur

Mvc+easyui-based Web development Framework Experience Summary (16)--Use the cloud print control C-LODOP print the page or set the customs waybill information

In the latest Mvc+easyui Web development Framework, I integrated the online purchase Waybill processing of a module, which integrates the customer guide, waybill merger, arrival scan, close, warehouse, query and other modules of the operation, which involves some of the operation of the waybill set, However, since the introduction of LODOP is not compatible with chrome and other browsers, so have wanted to give up the control of printing, but they lau

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