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Domain name transfer from Godaddy to namesilo

My personal domain name will expire immediately. When I renew my personal domain name, I find Godaddy is really a dog Dad. It is really a pitfall. It is very cheap when I buy it. This renewal is a year-over-year old, last year, I still had a

Transactions must look: website, domain name transactions common scam

To help people deal with the site hundreds of, trading a domain name of hundreds of, I would like to talk about my experience in avoiding transaction risk and deception. This is my two years of trading intermediary efforts, the following random

GoDaddy domain name into a detailed tutorial (figure)

Yesterday, I received GoDaddy sent a letter to my domain name transfer success, will be detailed into the process to share to everyone, about how to turn out the domain name, 5 days ago I introduced a detailed-yahoo domain name transfer tutorial, do

A few 15 knives/years of cheap VPS

From: 11/28/2010 Mario Yang Domain host go to comment The benefits of VPS are self-evident, independent IP, high degree of customization (you can also as a trouble), in short, looks

Domain name Registration Automatic Submission procedure detailed

With the popularity of the Internet, the value of the domain name has gradually been recognized by the people. Domain name investment has the characteristics of less investment, lower risk and higher return rate. But it is not lucrative, he needs

The four causes and countermeasures of domain name not in the home page

"Guide" as a webmaster, we almost every day with the search engine-specific grammar to deal with. For example, query included site syntax, query outside the chain of domain grammar ... These two grammars are the most commonly used by webmaster,

Novice, you understand? Purchase site domain name, space considerations

Although now the domain name space ads are all over the sky, but many new friends are often the first time to buy a domain name space or do not know where to start, more worried about their own pay to find themselves cheated, then the purchase of

Domain registrar DNS server or for Web site stealth killer

DNS server is not unfamiliar to everyone, the site to do the domain name resolution to the corresponding IP address so as to achieve the purpose of resolution. Webmaster daily to do the station outside the optimization, select the site server and

What happened in the process of entering the URL and displaying the Web page? (Transfer from 88 old Port)

Transfer from 88 Old Port the user input a Web site to the end of the Web page to show the user, what happened in the middle? This is a simple and complex question.The approximate process is summarized as

PHP UTF8 character set in simplified and traditional mutual transfer

UTF8 character set in simplified and traditional mutual transfer UTF8 character set in simplified and traditional mutual transfer /*utf8 character set in simplified and traditional mutual transfer * * //

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