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Some problems needing attention in the process of choosing Linux VPS by Novice

Today's new blog, the first article to share my more familiar with the Linux VPS host selection problem. As a domestic user, many webmasters have started from the original search for free host most of them have to start paying to buy the host's

7 Advantages of Vultr VPS Server and Reasons for selection

Originally prepared in the first article at the time of the full new registered account, but considering the understanding of this VPS host, or first of all on the network and my own in the use of VULTR VPS host products may self-perceived

PHP version upgrade to 7.x after some of WordPress's modifications and WordPress tips, _php Tutorial

PHP version upgrade to 7.x after some of WordPress's changes and WordPress skills, I do not know the hands of the cheap, the VPS server PHP upgrade to 7.0, although 7.x and previous compatibility is very high, but removed a lot of outdated usage,

WordPress Whole Station Move Summary _php tutorial

Last year is cheap, and not ready to write blog, so spent hundreds of yuan to buy a domestic space (domain name has been filed). After the purchase, put a WordPress blog, nothing to write blog, but never take the time to write, the quality of the

Website SEO purchase space should pay attention to 15 problems

Not any space can adapt to the needs of the SEO, so we buy space, we also need to take into account the needs of SEO operations. This time we will discuss with you how to combine the operation of the SEO needs to buy the right site space. Basically,

PHP accelerated eaccelerator Configuration and usage Guidelines _php tips

Some time ago completed the server from FreeBSD4.10 to 6.1 upgrade, while the PHP also upgraded to the latest Php5.1.4,apache also upgraded to the latest Apache2.2, in order to better improve the performance of the system to consider some of the PHP

Linux environment Development, choose what system?

PHP Python is now ready to go into the pit Nodejs Ready to switch to Linux under development Ask for a recommended environmental system Recommended more Ubuntu, probably because the desktop version is better, How important is the desktop system? PS

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