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SQL Query Day, this month, this week's record

SELECT * FROM table WHERE convert (Nvarchar, DateAndTime, 111) = CONVERT (Nvarchar, GETDATE (), 111) ORDER by DateAndTime DESCRecord of the Month SELECT * FROM table WHERE DateDiff (Month,[dateadd],getdate ()) =0 Week

Js calendar can be used to obtain the week number of a specified date and the day of the week (js gets the day of the week)

For interaction, we should select Js for implementation, which is also the first test of Pair programming. I will write the display part in html, and click the button to trigger the event function as check (); Copy codeThe Code is as

SQL gets the current date, year, month, day, week, time, minute, second

Select GETDATE() as 'Current Date', Datename( Year,GetDate()) as 'years', Datename(Month,GetDate()) as 'Month', Datename( Day,GetDate()) as 'Day', Datename(DW,GetDate()) as 'Week', Datename(Week,GetDate()) as 'Week number',

What is the day of the week in MySQL? How do I know if a date is a day of the week?

Requirements Description :In MySQL, if you want to see the day of the week, you can use the Date_format function, which is documented here.Operation Process :1. Use the Date_format function to see if a date is the day of the weekMysql>

MySQL by year, Quarter, month, week, day SQL statistics query

I. Annual ENQUIRY Enquiry data for the yearSELECT * fromblog_articleWHERE Year(From_unixtime (Blogcreatetime))= Year(Curdate ()) Second, query quarterly data query data with quarter numberSELECTArticleID, Quarter (from_unixtime (' Blogcreatetime ')

. NET gets the current week of Monday (any day of the week that can be extended) based on the input date

Thought: Based on the DayOfWeek attribute of the DateTime class, we get the English name of the week, and then get the Monday by adding and subtraction of date days.1. Call:String today = "2015-7-13";// ();Lblday.text =

Oracle viewing date is the week

In oracle, check the week number of the system. The week number of the year is select to_char (sysdate, 'ww '), to_char (sysdate, 'iw ') from dual; select to_char (sysdate, 'ddd ') from dual; select TRUNC (SYSDATE, 'mm') from dual; 1)

JS calculates the specified date is the week of the week

Inadvertently in the Baidu know on the discovery of such a problem, the time to see Write a function.First we need to make it clear that since it is the first week of the specified date, it is necessary to know what the specified date is, and it is

code example for PHP to calculate the year, month, week, and day of two date intervals

/** * Calculates the year, month, week, and day of two date intervals * Edit */ function format ($a, $b) { Check the two date size, the default is small after large, if the former large after the small swap

The C + + implementation determines the day of the week that an input date is a day of the year

/*Calculate the day of the week by entering the day of the month, calculate how many days of the year it is, and determine whether the year is a leap years*/#include using namespace Std;struct TIME{int year;int month;int day;unsigned int

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