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Linux tips: How to check which font is used in PDF

Linux tips: How to check which font is used in PDF Q: I want to know what fonts are used in the PDF file or what fonts are embedded. Is there a tool in Linux that can check which font is used in the PDF document? To check whether the PDF file

PDF conversion to Word Document Method summary

  PDF conversion to Word Document Method summary 1, consider in life and work often have friends encounter the various sources of PDF documents into Word or txt needs; 2, once a friend has published similar software, the software function is

Convert Word to PDF

The popular method on the internet is "Let Everyone download an Adobe Acrobat professional ", this software contains a function to convert Word documents to PDF format (but at this time there will be frequent conversion errors, sometimes you need to

PDF-to-Epub-format e-book experience

In the original article, I published my personal homepage welcome to everyone's workshop and thank you for your support ~ Based on my experience in converting PDF files into Epub e-books, I have summarized this

How to Use Spire. Office for. NET (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, etc.)

Preface Most of the content in this article is from For me, there is little need for office automation. But as a developer, it is best to have a library tool if needed.

PHP dynamic PDF file generation on the webpage tutorial _ PHP Tutorial

PHP provides a detailed tutorial on dynamically generating PDF files on a webpage. This article details the entire process of using PHP to dynamically build a PDF file. Use the free PDF library (FPDF), PDFLib-Lite, and other open-source tools for

How to embed a font when converting word to PDF

In many cases, when uploading the camera ready version of a thesis, you must submit a pdf version. The following article is transferred from Bytes --------------------------------------------

C # Detailed introduction to Creating and Populating fields in PDF (graphic)

This article focuses on the knowledge of C # in creating and populating a domain in PDF. Have a good reference value, follow the small series together to see it As we all know, PDF documents are often not editable and modified. If you need to sign

Create PDF Chinese document in PHP

Create | Chinese I am using fpdf (, download the Fpdf class library, and use the following Chinese class library to support Chinese, but only one Chinese font (Chinese imitation) can be used. I've been bothering for a long time, and now

PHP dynamic PDF file generation on the webpage tutorial _ php instance

This article mainly introduces the PHP detailed tutorial on dynamic PDF file generation on the web page. This article uses a requirement to introduce the practice of each step in detail and provides a large number of image descriptions, for more

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