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Go combat--golang Get public IP, view intranet IP, detect IP type, verify IP range, IP address string and int conversion, judge by IP region state operator, etc.

Life goes on, go go go ... Previously, there was a reference to the standard library provided by Golang: NET Package Go Language Learning Net package (the path to go) brief aftertaste net package func Parseip Func Parseip (s string) IP Parseip

TCP/IP study Note 1

TCP/IP protocol stack This section briefly introduces the internal structure of TCP/IP and lays the foundation for discussing Internet-related security issues. TCP/IP protocol groups are popular in part because they can be used on a variety of

View the Host IP address resolved by the DNS host name and resolve the domain name to the DNS server

1. view the Host IP address resolved by the DNS host name Host CommandPurposeResolve a host name to an Internet address or an Internet address to a host name.SyntaxHost [-n [-a] [-c Class] [-d] [-r] [-t Type] [-v] [-w] [-z] Hostname | Address

Public network ip/Intranet IP:

Turn from: Http:// IP address Assignment The IP address identifies the location of a system in the network. We know that each IP address is made up of two parts: the network number and the

TCP/IP protocol detailed

1. TCP/IP protocol stack Four-layer modelTCP/IP This protocol adheres to a four-tier model concept: The application layer, the transport layer, the interconnect layer, and the network interface layer.Network interface LayerThe base of the model is

TCP/IP (4) ARP: Address Resolution Protocol, Chapter 4 notes

1 ARP Protocol OverviewIP packets are usually sent over Ethernet, but Ethernet devices do not recognize 32-bit IP addresses. They transmit Ethernet packets at 48-bit Ethernet addresses. Therefore, the IP drive must convert the destination IP address

TCP/IP protocol stack detailed

TCP/IP protocol family 1.1 Introduction The TCP/IP protocol family consists of 5 layers: Physical layer, Data link layer, network layer, Transport layer and application layer. The first four layers correspond to the first four layers of the OSI

Troubleshooting of Cisco test commands and TCP/IP connections

I. troubleshooting commands 1. show command: 1) Global commands: Show version; displays the system hardware and software versions, DRAM, Flash Show startup-config; displays the configuration content written into NVRAM Show running-config; displays

IP subnet addressing, IP Route Selection, IP header splitting, and IP standardization process

IP subnet addressing All Hosts must support subnet addressing (rfc950 [mogulandpostel1985]). IThe P address is simply composed of a network number and a host number. Instead, the host number is divided into a sub-network number and a host number.The

Analysis of TCP/IP layer-4 protocol system and tcpip layer-4 Protocol

Analysis of TCP/IP layer-4 protocol system and tcpip layer-4 Protocol TCP/IP layer-4 protocol system 1) The link layer, also known as the data link layer or network interface layer, usually includes the device driver in the operating system and the

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