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Mysql Performance Check script-mysql Performance Check script

Mysql Performance Check script-mysql Performance Check script #! /Bin/sh# Export black = '\ 033 [0m'Export boldblack = '\ 033 [1; 0m'Export red = '\ 033 [31m'Export boldred = '\ 033 [1; 31m'Export green = '\ 033 [32m'Export boldgreen = '\ 033 [1; 32m'Export yellow = '\ 033 [33m'Export boldyellow = '\ 03

Log in with a Python script github! How to play if you want to play!

Introduction to the analysis of the target website Login modeDestination Address: Https:// method to make analysis: First, using form form to submit information, second, there is Csrf_token, third, is the POST request to send the user name and password, the first GET request for the cookie is required after the successful login,Requesting additional pages is only a cookie that needs to be returned after the first login is successful. Get the tokens and cookies we want with a

How do you check the efficiency of the PHP script execution (usually the script execution time) and the efficiency of the database SQL (usually the database query time) and locate and analyze the bottleneck of script execution and database query?

Php:It is usually the beginning of the code you want to check to record a time, the end of the record a time. Take the difference value,the efficiency of database SQLSQL explain (MySQL), enable slow query log to record slow queries. Usually also depends on the database design is reasonable, the demand is reasonable and so on.But this time is generally very fast, in less than a second, so you can not directly use mktime ()function Getmicrotime () {Lis

How do you check the efficiency of the PHP script execution (usually the script execution time) and the efficiency of the database SQL (usually the database query time) and locate and analyze the bottleneck of script execution and database query?

1.php Execution Time:$begin=Microtime(true);//gets the time that the program started executing//some code here to execute$stop=Microtime(true);//gets the time that the program execution endedList($m 0,$s 0)=Explode(" ",$begin);List($m 1,$s 1)=Explode(" ",$stop);$runtime=($s 1+$m 1-$s 0-$m 0) *1000;Echo' $etime-$stime.‘ microseconds; 2.SQL Execution time (actually the same as above):$begin=Microtime();mysql_query($sql);$stop=Microtime();List($m 0,$s 0)=Explode(" ",$begin);List($m 1,$s 1)=Explode(

Unity3d the meaning of the script's activation and disabling and the explanation of the check box disappears before the script

test script, and Test2 will invoke the member in test.Such as:CubeCameraThe contents of the test script are:The contents of Test 2 are: Note that we have set the test script to Disabled.Now, we see the results of the run, such as. Cube. Getcomponentmonobehaviour in test was not to explain that the check

The play of continuous integration says Check-in Dance

who has received the token. That is, when a person finishes a local test, go get the token. Once you've got it, code merging, local testing, and submission. The token can only be returned when the continuous integration server returns a successful result when it is submitted. So that's not going to happen to me and Bob. ”But Bob does not agree, "there is nothing wrong this time, why do you do it?" ”At this point, Joe picked up the words and said, "Alice's advice is very good, I've had one of th

Plsql_plsql Tuning Health Check Script SQLHC (case) (Output SQL performance HTML report by running script)

2014-08-23 BaoxinjianI. Summary A script that is circulated online to query the efficiency of a single SQL query and export it as an HTML report, similar in function to Dbms_profilerQuery sql_id by session, only run script, export as HTML reportThe SQL script: Http:// cases-Using the

Linux Starter Script: A simple log Check script

Lead to the task, to check daily scheduled tasks have no execution. Although simple but too cumbersome, wrote a script lazy. Learn several bash knowledge points by the way. Restudying it.#检查前一天的crontab日志有没有执行JOB1和JOB2两个定时任务 # Check that the data in the database is cleaned up in time #!/bin/bashdeclare-idb_status=0# because the log date is only valid for month and

Gym 100952H Special palindrome non-descending palindrome string, Dfs play table, check the number of sites Oeis

of the input.OutputPrint one line for each given number N, which it the value F (n).Sample InputInput137100Output12517SourceUESTC Summer Training #21Gym 100952HMy SolutionNon-descending palindrome string, playing tableAfter the game to see the public code on our team is to play the table, others are normal, @@facesymbol@@‖∣ embarrassedThe sub-parity with DFS to make a non-descending left half string, and then find out this and Ans[sum + i]++;For an e

MU4E check messages and play sound reminders regularly

The following configuration is in Init.el:(setq Mu4e-get-mail-command "Offlineimap" ;; or Fetchmail, or ... mu4e-update-interval); update every 5 minutes (Add-hook ' Mu4e-index-updated-hook ( defun new-mail-sound () (shell-command "Aplay ~/music/open.wav")))The previous configuration will let mu4e start and check messages every 300 seconds and rebuild the index.The latter section of the configuration makes the mu4e index update,

Check the ORACLE warning File Script and oracle warning script

Check the ORACLE warning File Script and oracle warning script Check the important information within two days: Vi echo "Check Alter Error:"cat $TRACE/alert_$ORACLE_SID.log | grep -E ^ORA-\|Reconfig\|abort\|Shut\|^Start\|error\|Instance\|Suspend\|Resuming\|D

Use a script on WeChat to check whether the client has been deleted by WeChat friends or script friends.

Use a script to check whether a friend is deleted or not. One day, a classmate sent a Github source code to Xiao, saying that he could easily find and delete his friends, so he began to die. For Github source code, see 0x5e/wechat-deleted-friends. Preface I believe you will have received such a group of text messages, and it is said that it is also classified as one of the five tips for fun. However, you o

Shell script-Used to check memcache and automatically restart the effective script

True when file exists and is a symbolic link file, this option is not valid on some old systems-K returns True when a file or directory specified by pathname exists and the "sticky" bit is set-P Returns True when file exists and is a command pipeline-R Returns True when the file or directory specified by pathname is present and readable-s when file size is larger than 0 o'clock returns true-U returns True when the file or directory specified by pathname is present and the SUID bit is set-W Retu

Play on Words HDU-1116 (Euler's Road judgment + and check set)

2018#defineLL Long Long#defineULL unsigned long Long#definePair Pair#defineMem (A, B) memset (A, B, sizeof (a))#define_ Ios_base::sync_with_stdio (0), Cin.tie (0)//freopen ("1.txt", "R", stdin);using namespacestd;Const intMAXN =10010, INF =0x7fffffff, Ll_inf =0x7fffffffffffffff;intHEAD[MAXN],inch[MAXN], out[MAXN], F[MAXN], VIS[MAXN];intN, M, CNT;Setint>s;intFindintx) { returnF[X] = = x? x: (F[x] =find (F[x]));}intMain () {intT; CIN>>T; while(t--) {s.clear (); MEM (inch,0); MEM ( out,0); Mem

Hangzhou Electric 1116--play on Words (Euler circuit + and check set)

) { if(A = =Father[a])returnA; Else returnFather[a] =Find (Father[a]); } voidMercy (intAintb) { intQ =Find (a); intP =Find (b); if(Q! =P) Father[q]=P;}intMain () {intT; scanf ("%d", T); while(t--) { intNstrings; scanf ("%d", N); Init (); memset (inch,0,sizeof(inch)); memset (Vis,0,sizeof(VIS)); memset ( out,0,sizeof( out)); for(inti =1; I ) {cin>>s; intx, y; X= s[0]-'a'; Y= S[s.length ()-1]-'a'; out[x]++;inch[y]++; Mercy (x, y); VIS[X]= Vis[y] =1; }

Steps and considerations for Cocos creator to play skeletal animations with JS script code

variable.Specific code: This.ske_comp = Ske_anim_comp;4. Create a Play_spineboy_walk function5. In the Play_spineboy_walk function to achieve the animation of the clear 0 and play, this method is provided by Cocos Creator, can be found in the official API.This.ske_comp.clearTrack (0); The specified animation in the queue is cleared, where the animation of position No. 0 is cleared.This.ske_comp.setAnimation (0, "Walk", true); Set to

Linux Terminal recording screen and play script command

commands so that the user can not fully notice the recording screen-F refreshes the cache immediately after each operation. If this option is not set, the file is not written in real time.Usage Example RecordsPrompts the script to start and logs to the specified file. If the file already exists, you want to append the record, plus the-a optionUse CTRL + D to exit the record with the latter exitIf you want to output the time file simultaneouslyScript-

Linux Terminal recording screen and play script command

:bj_web_ip : 252.97 user :root dir :~ $ >> mkfifo/tmp/fifo 2, SCRITP output to pipeline: host :bj_web_ip : 252.97 user :root dir :~ $ >> script-f/tmp/fifo 3, other users execute: host :bj_web_ip : 252.97 user :root dir :~ $ >> cat/tmp/fifo 4, you can view the operation and input and output in real time (other users can only view or exit exit, unable to operate the com

Play with Dojo/request/script

Dojo/request/script can be used to send cross-domain requests to the server, such as JSONP. But looking at official documents is a bit difficult to understand and will experience the record.Require(["Dojo/request/script"],function(Script){Script.Get("Something.js",{Jsonp:"Callback"}).Then(function(Data) {//On_successDo something with the response data},function(E

Play Bash script: Select the case of the structure

:] printable characters (graphic classes with spaces and tabs) [\t\x20-\xff] [:p UNCT:] Any punctuation, such as a period (.) and semicolons (;) [-!" #$% ' () *+,./:; [: Space:] Blank (newline, carriage return, tab, space, Vertical tab) [\n\r\t \x0b] [: Upper:] Capital [A-z] [: Xdigit:] hexadecimal digits [0-9a-fa-f] This table is copied from the net friend, the original "POSIX style regular expression

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